Restore Erased Microsoft Office 2010 Files

About Microsoft Office:

Microsoft Office is a suite of office applications, cloud servers and other services. It offers a bundle of applications including Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Access, Server apps and other services. Microsoft Office 2010 is a newer version of the Office suite from Microsoft and a successor to Microsoft Office 2007. This version introduced Office Web         Apps, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote and Excel which can run directly in web browsers. In Microsoft Office 2010, all its apps contains ribbons in its interface.

Data loss / file deletion is inevitable:

This line of MS Office suite has over 200 million licenced users across the globe. It is used extensively in educational purposes, professional offices and everywhere. Notably, the files created using Microsoft Office 2010 are of great importance to its users and losing access to them can mean huge trouble. However, data loss is not a rare scenario and is witnessed amongst users of all categories – professional and aspirants alike. Data loss / file deletion might be inevitable but retrieving those contents back too is easily possible, considering you have the right tools for carrying out that job.

This page tells you various occasions on which files can get deleted from your computer or any other storage space, and mainly, a reliable method to undelete deleted Microsoft Office 2010 files.

Few frequently noticed occasions of file deletion:

  • Unintentionally pressing Shift + Delete button after selecting important files will remove those contents permanently from your computer
  • Microsoft Office 2010 files can get deleted from a Windows PC while transferring those files from one computer to another computer and so on
  • Data loss can happen on a Windows computer due to hard drive corruption which can happen due to any reasons
  • Files can get deleted or go missing from an external storage device if it is ejected improperly from the computer during ongoing file transfer process
  • Microsoft Office 2010 files and all other data from a storage volume will get removed if the hard disk is formatted due to any reasons

Recovering deleted Microsoft Office 2010 files using Remo Recover tool:

Remo Recover is a proficient data recovery application which can help you find all your deleted MS Office 2010 files and other data back with ease. It is amongst the most powerful and recommended apps that can successfully find all lost / erased documents with ease. In addition, the interface of Remo Recover is entirely hassle free and very simple to implement even for beginners. You can also restore deleted music folder and other media files using this tool.

Additional features of the software are:

  • The software can detect more than 300 unique types of files formats and get back all of them with high accuracy. This includes almost all forms of Office files, software apps, archive files, and all other types of data from a storage device
  • The app supports data recovery on all brands of flash storage devices that includes memory cards, pen drives, USB sticks and more. Apart from flash memory devices, this tool can be used to get data back on external hard drives, SATA drive, etc. as well

Steps to undelete erased Microsoft Office 2010 files using Remo Recover:

 Step 1: : Download Remo Recover software using the Download Now button and install it on your computer

Step 2: Next, launch the software and select Recover Files option in the main screen. In the same screen, choose the drive from where you’d like to recover deleted Microsoft Office 2010 files and click Scan

Recover Erased Microsoft Office 2010 Files - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 3: The software searches the drive for deleted and lost files and displays them once scan completes. Make use of the File Type View option to have files organised by file types, so it will be easier for you to find the Microsoft Office files

Restore Deleted Microsoft Office 2010 Files - View Recovered Files

Figure 2: View Recovered Files

Step 4: Finally, preview the files and save them to a desired location

Retrieve Deleted Microsoft Office 2010 Files - Save Recovered Files

Figure 3: Save Recovered Files