How to Recover Deleted Files From Transcend Pen Drive???

Restore all deleted files from your Transcend pen drive in a safest possible way by using Remo Recover software. It is a highly recommended tool to perform file recovery on USB flash drives of any type and make.


Restore Erased Files From Transcend Pen Drive

Now you can easily recover deleted files from Transcend Pen drive by performing data recovery in order to rescue deleted or lost images, movies, music files, documents, Windows Office files, applications, Zip files, RAR files and many more using Remo Recover tool for Windows– a professional data recovery tool designed to perform extensive file recovery on all Windows supported storage devices.

Brief Overview of USB Pen Drives:

Pen drives are the one of the most convenient forms of data storage devices of the modern computing life. Any type of files and folders can easily be stored or transferred from one location to another using a Pen drive. These are extremely fast and compact flash memory with the size of a pen with various storage capacities. Now-a-days Pen drives with storage capacities ranging from 2 GB to 1 TB of data are available to choose from. These devices are abundantly used by almost all people who use computers on order to store and transfer any kind of data with ease. Hence these powerful devices are very helpful and data stored on it is very important.

Scenarios in Which Files get Deleted from Transcend Pen Drive:

  • Environmental impact: Extreme stress, breaking of the device, intense heat, moisture, direct physical impact, etc. cause a serious harm to Pen drives. So take appropriate precautionary measures that can help you in maintaining these devices safe from environmental hazards
  • Logical failure: Any corruption at the file structure of the Transcend Pen drive due to any actions can cause it to get corrupted and to lose data on it as well. On most occasions, formatting the Pen drive should be able to solve this issue. After that you will have to recover deleted files from Transcend Pen drive using any third party software
  • Unintentional file deletion: Accidental or unintentional file deletion such as accidentally deleting any file, formatting the drive, unintentionally performing Shift + Delete actions, etc. are few of the most common actions of file deletions. Professional as well as basic users of Pen drive face this scenario
  • Viruses and Malwares: A Pen drive is designed to hold large volumes of various files and folders. Using the Pen drive on multiple platforms frequently such as untrusted computers, media players, Laptops and other devices can cause viruses and other malicious softwares to easily enter the Pen drives as these devices don’t come with built-in protective softwares. Hence try to avoid using these devices on multiple platforms and untrusted computers in order to keep it virus-free. Using any trusted and reliable Antivirus app and avoiding using it on untrusted computers should do the job
  • Frequent usage of Pen drives: Inserting and ejecting the Transcend Pen drives frequently or removing it incorrectly from a computer can cause data on it to get corrupted or, at worst, deleted
  • Unknown reasons: It may sometimes happen that the Transcend Pen drive did not face any of the above mentioned scenarios but still data on it is deleted or lost. These may be a result of unknown errors and nothing can be done to avoid it except to restore deleted files from Transcend Pen drive

Recovering deleted files from transcend pen drive using Remo Recover:

Irrespective of the reason that caused file deletion on the Transcend Pen drive, you can always perform Transcend Pen drive deleted file restoration using a reliable and powerful file restorer such as Remo Recover on Windows. With Remo Recover application, you can easily recover deleted files from SD card, Transcend pen drive, external hard drive, USB flash drive, and other mass storage devices in a matter of few minutes on any Windows based computer.

Steps to recover deleted files from a Transcend Pen drive:

Step 1: Download the trial edition of Remo Recover using "Download Now" icon and install it on your Windows System. Now, connect the Transcend pen drive to the system, and launch the application to view the main screen of Remo Recover. Select Recover Files from the main screen, and choose your Transcend pen drive among the list of available drives, and click Scan button

Restore Erased Files From Transcend Pen Drive - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now the software scans thoroughly the pen drive to find deleted files. Once scanning is over, the list of recovered files will be displayed on the screen. You can view the recovered files in either File Type View or Data View

Restore Deleted Files From Transcend Pen Drive - File Type View

Figure 2: File Type View

Step 3: Now, you can preview the recovered files by clicking Preview button

Retrieve Deleted Files From Transcend Pen Drive - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Files

Step 4: You can save the recovery session once scanning procees is complete, to avoid re-scanning of the drive in future.

Recovering Deleted Files From Transcend Pen Drive - Save Recovery Session

Figure 4: Save Recovery Session

Step 5: If you are now completely satisfied with the recovery results, you can purchase the license of the software to save the data on any drive using "Save" option.

Transcend Pen Drive Deleted File Restoration - Saving Recovered Data

Figure 5: Saving Recovered Data