Quick Solution to Restore Western Digital Hard Drive Data

When it comes to Western Digital External Hard Drive Recovery, you can trust Remo Recover – a powerful tool with advanced scanning mechanism that helps in retrieving the data effectively and efficiently.


Recover WD External Hard Drive Data

Western Digital Corporation - one of the most popular hard drive producers in the market. It is commonly referred as Western Digital and often abbreviated as WDC or WD. When you are using Western Digital external hard disks, data recovery knowledge will become quite necessary in the event of data loss or partition loss containing a lot of important information stored in it. In this case, it will be very helpful if you know how to restore deleted files. If not, then no worries, in this page you will get the detailed data recovery information. This can be done with the help of reliable third party restoration app such as Remo Hard Drive Recovery Software.

Reasons for losing data from WD external HDD can be many. You lost data due to accidental formatting, permanently deleting the files, bad sectors, virus or malware infection, file system corruption, or the external hard disk is dead. Well what ever be the reason behind the data loss, there are two important things that you should do immediately:

1 – Stop creating new partitions or saving new data on to the disk.
2 – Do not use unreliable data recovery software to retrieve lost data.

After you followed these two steps, you have two options to recover data from the Western Digital hard disk;

Option 1: Carry your WD hard disk to the manufacturer service center to get back data if it is still under warranty. If not, be prepared to shell-out thousands of dollars to retrieve data.

Option 2: Opt for a reliable Remo Recover hard drive recovery software, which provides you numerous benefits along with recovering the data intact. You can avail the product under subscription basis and can be used on all storage drive and all logical data loss situations.

Steps to Recover Data from Western Digital External Hard Drive

Step 1: Download, Install and Run the Trail Version of Remo Recover software on your system and select “Recover Partitions” option from main screen. Then, you can see all the logical and physical disks available in the system. Choose the Western Digital disk and click "Scan" button

Western Digital Hard Drive Recovery - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, the tool scans the disk to find all its partitions. Once scanning is completed, it displays all the hard disk's partitions along with their file systems. Choose the partition which you want to recover and click "Scan" button to start the reco very process

Western Digital Hard Drive Recovery - Select Western Digital Partition

Figure B: Select Partition Recovery Option

Step 3: Once scanning and recovery process is completed, it displays the recovered data in two views "Data View", and "File Type View"

Western Digital Hard Drive Recovery - Choose Appropriate WD Partition

Figure C: Choose Appropriate WD Partition

Step 4: Prior saving the recovered files, you can preview each files by right clicking on the respective file, and choosing Preview option

Using "Preview" option you can get prior look of files, as illustrated in figure D.

Western Digital Hard Drive Recovery - Preview Recovered Files

Figure D: Preview Recovered Files

Step 5: Finally you can Save the Recovered Data to any location accessible to your host computer. You can save the recovered files if you have purchased the licensed edition of the Remo Recover software.

Western Digital Hard Drive Recovery - Save Data

Figure E: Save Recovered Data

Western Digital Hard Drive Data Recovery using Remo Recover:

Remo Recover is capable of performing to recovery of western digital hard drive data in few mouse clicks. This application is specially designed to recover WD hard disk data which are lost or deleted mistakenly or may be due to some other reasons. It also helps you restore data from dead external hard disk easily. This utility is an automated data recovery program that reconstructs the complete information regardless of whether they are inaccessible due to file system corruption, bad sectors etc. This data recovery tool is built with an efficient disk scanning technology that scans each and every block of WD hard disk to retrieve the lost or deleted data efficiently.

Features of Remo Recover Software:

  • Remo Recover software is user friendly graphical interface, which provides the complete solution in recovering the lost or deleted data from WD hard drive with ease.
  • This tool also recovers data from Western Digital external hard drive on various versions of Windows Operating System like Windows 8, recovering data from Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, etc.
  • Remo Recover Utility Toolkit is capable of restoring lost, deleted or formatted data on various other secondary storage devices including pen drives, memory sticks, USB flash drives, Fire Wire Drives, Memory cards etc.
  • It also facilitates data recovery from different hard disk interfaces like SATA, PATA, SCSI having FAT, NTFS, HFS, HFS+, ExFAT file systems on Windows.
  • This software occupies very less space on your Windows system. Use the Demo version of this tool and recover data from WD hard drive in few mouse clicks.