Recovering Data from Crashed Windows Vista

Brief summary regarding Windows OS crash and data recovery:

A computer operating system getting crashed can be a terrible thing as it may result in having to face dire consequences. Data loss, file deletion, data corruption, etc. are some of the major outcomes of an operating system crash. In this page, let us discuss data loss on Windows Vista based system due to OS crash. Consider the following real-time scenarios as an example which one of the Windows Vista users has experienced. In the later section, briefly learn some other examples that can potentially cause a Windows based computer to crash or break down. Eventually, get to know how to precisely recover data from crashed Windows Vista based system using Remo Recover.

Real-time scenario for Windows Vista crash:

“I store a lot of valuable information on my PC running on Windows Vista. The valuable data comprised of pictures, songs, movies, and mainly my work related documents. Yesterday, when I turned on my PC after a long gap, an error note appeared stating that the Windows OS could not start as a system file is missing or damaged. This is quite a serious issue, and I need a way to fix this and restore my important files as soon as possible. Can anybody help!?! Thanks.”

Losing data due to Windows Vista crash:

As there are numerous factors that can be responsible causing a system to crash, it’s no refuting fact that any PC user may face this issue unexpectedly. No matter how much one tries to keep your system clean, one simply cannot prevent the incursion of viruses and other harmful stuffs. These and other similar factors are sufficient enough to cause a Windows system to crash, resulting in data loss or corruption or inaccessibility. And, at this point of time, recovering data from crashed Windows Vista based PC become the task of high importance.

Situations such as Windows operating system break down or OS crash, hard drives getting inaccessible, and the like, can give rise to situations causing data loss. Few of such most common scenarios are listed in the below section.

Situations causing Windows Vista based computer to crash / damaged:

Any of the below mentioned reasons possibly can lead any Windows 7 based computer to crash or break down:

  • Critical errors faced while upgrading the Windows Vista to any  later updates of the Windows operating systems
  • The local drive of Windows Vista computer is severely contaminated with viruses or other malignant programs
  • Errors faced while changing the file system format of the local partition or while resizing its data storage capacity
  • The current version of Windows Vista operating system is malfunctioning due to programming errors

Performing data recovery from crashed Windows Vista based system using Remo Recover:

When a Windows Vista based computer’s crashes making all its contents inaccessible due to any reasons, the Remo Recover software intensively scans for files on a drive, resolves any issues with them, and makes those files available to the user. All of this can be accomplished using the free version of this amazing utility. Mac users can use the Mac version of the software.

Steps for restoring crashed Windows Vista using Remo Recover:

First, remove the hard drive from the crashed system and connect it to a healthy system. Then follow the steps to recover data.

Step 1: Download and install Remo Recover on your Windows Vista on a healthy system to begin the data recovery process. Launch the software to open the main screen. When the main screen opens, select Recover Partitions option and choose the drive to restore data. Then click Scan button for the scanning process to begin

Retrieve Data from Crashed Windows Vista - Home Screen

Figure 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Now all the partitions in the drive are displayed; choose a partition to recover

Restore Data from Crashed Windows Vista - Choose a partition to recover

Figure 2: Choose a partition to recover

Step 3: Preview the recovered files using the free Preview feature

Recover Files from Crashed Windows Vista - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Files

Step 4: Finally, choose a destination and save required files

Restore Files from Crashed Windows Vista - Save Recovered Files

Figure 4: Save Recovered Files