How to Restore Corrupt Boot Partition?

Utilize the free Remo Partition Recovery Software to retrieve files from the corrupt Boot Partition in three quick and easy steps. Download the tool for free, and extract all your fioles from the damaged Boot Partition in a couple of clicks. Give a try!!!

Boot Partitions:

System partitions and boot partitions are the names of the partitions or volumes on a hard disk drive that Windows operating system uses while starting or loading up. The system partition in Windows OS contains the files that is used for the system to boot up, whereas the boot partition holds the system files. In all computers running on Windows operating systems, boot partition is the hard disk drive volume that contains the data for Windows operating system files. The boot partition works along with system partition that holds the boot files which commands the Windows computer what to look out for while loading the Windows operating system. The boot partitions as well as the system partitions are literally the same when the user has just one Windows operating system installed on his computer.

The boot partition is absolutely vital for Windows or any other computer operating system platforms as it stores the contents that a system uses in while starting the computer operating system. The boot partition is created by default by the Windows operating system while installing it, and it could be around 100 MB in size.

Windows OS unable to boot a partition?

Have you ever been stuck in a situation where in you try to switch on your Windows based computer and it is just unable to boot up? Or else, the boot partition on your system is corrupted due to any incorrect actions and you are not able to read or access any of the information from that volume? Of course you are. Or else you wouldn’t be here. Anyways, not to get worried anymore as in this page, you will learn a technique using which you will be able to restore all important data from a corrupted boot partition. Read on to know more.

Data from a corrupt boot partition is not completely lost until it is erased intentionally using some utility. Hence it is very much possible still to restore data from a corrupt boot partition which is inaccessible with the help of Remo Recover – a partition recovery utility in all occasions.

Recover data from corrupt boot partition with Remo Recover Utility:

If the corrupt boot partition is nonetheless visible on your Windows operating system if not entirely accessible, you can try and restore all important data from the corrupt boot partition by making use of Remo Recover software with ease. You can also execute RAW hard drive recovery on all Windows running hard drive partitions using this software. It is an extremely reliable and powerful partition recovery utility that enables all users (professional and novice) to get back all files from a corrupt boot partition.

In order to retrieve data from a corrupt boot partition on Windows, all you have to do is to download Remo Recover using the download buttons provided in this page and install it on your Windows based PC where corrupt boot partition recovery has to be implemented. Then run the software and follow the below mentioned detailed instructions to carry out the task accordingly. The software will thoroughly scan the corrupted boot volume and will enable you to retrieve all important information from that partition, and will let to extract the files to any safe location.

Steps to retrieve data from corrupt boot partition using Remo Recover:

Step 1: Disconnect the hard drive of your system, and connect it to a healthy system as a slave. Install Remo Recover tool and launch it on the healthy system to open its main screen. Select "Recover Partitions" option from the main screen. Then, you will see a list of detected logical and physical disks. Choose the appropriate disk and click "Scan" button

Restore Corrupt Boot Partition - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: The tool now scans the disk to find the corrupted, deleted, lost, and formatted partitions. Once scanning is over, a list of found partitions are displayed. CHoose the corrupt Boot partition and click "Scan" button to start the recovery process

Corrupt Boot Partition Recovery - List of Found Partitions

Figure 2: List of Found Partitions

Step 3: Now it will scan the corrupt boot partition to extract all its data. Upon the completion of scanning and recovery, you can see a list of recovered files in "Data View" and "File Type View"

Corrupt Boot Partition Restoration - Recovered Data View

Figure 3: Recovered Data View

Step 4: Finally, it allows to evaluate its recovery results by allowing to preview the recovered files

Recovering Corrupt Boot Partition - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 4: Preview Recovered Files

Step 5: Save recovered partition data on any desired location using "Save" option. (You need to have full version of this tool in order to perform this step).

Retrieve Corrupt Boot Partition - Save Recovered Data

Figure 5: Save Recoved Data