Fix - WinRAR Checksum Error in the Encrypted File

Updated on May 13, 2022

Did you receive a checksum error while extracting the file? Remo Repair RAR is a user-friendly program that can fix checksum errors in WinRAR with a few easy clicks. This utility repairs RAR files in a read-only mode, which means it doesn't change the original content or files. Additionally, it can resolve errors like CRC, RAR not extracting, etc.

WinRAR is a great tool when it comes to binds data and decrease file size to feasible amount. This method is widely used to reduce the file size and utilize the storage space efficiently.

Additionally, WinRAR technology also provide security to the data by encapsulating the files with encryption algorithms, that prevent from dangerous viruses and various Malware programs that may harm your data file. Due to all these useful features, many Internet user wish to use WinRAR file compressor for extracting files. By using this procedure huge size files can be compressed and send with better security over the network.

What are WinRAR errors?

Sometimes, WinRAR files may get infected from harmful viruses or other malicious programs or any unpredictable events like sudden power failure while accessing the RAR file, etc. can make the file inaccessible. One of the frequent error message that many of the WinRAR users see is "CRC Error" usually known as Checksum Error in WinRAR files. When these type of error arises, many people think that, why it happened? How to repair WinRAR checksum error in encrypted file? Yes! Definitely you can fix RAR chksum error in the encrypted file. But before that know what is a checksum error in RAR and various situations that causes checksum errors in RAR files.

Possibility of Fixing WinRAR Checksum Error in Encrypted file:

However, Checksum error is encountered at the time of extracting files from .rar archive. To make sure your files are fine and ready to open without affecting your computer the Checksum of Windows machine scans all the files before loading the Operating System. You cannot open any software or particular file when the Checksum is damaged. The simple and finest way to repair Checksum error is to run the Windows File Checker and make your RAR file accessible. This method will absolutely work and you can extract complete files from RAR archive. But, if you notify the same error again then it indicate that the RAR file internal structure is corrupted. So to repair RAR file Checksum error, you need to adopt accurate RAR repair software. One such relevant RAR file fixing utility is Remo RAR Repair.

How to Fix WinRAR Checksum Error?

Fix 1: Select the Broken files check box

Follow the steps below to fix RAR chksum error in encrypted files.

  • Right-click on the compressed RAR file.
  • Select the Extract file option.
  • Go to the General tab and check the box Keep Broken Files in Miscellaneous.
  • Select the extraction location and click OK.

Fix 2: Repair Corrupted File using WinRAR

  • Right-click on the corrupted RAR file.
  • From the options menu select Open with WinRAR.
  • Click on the Tools option and select Repair archive.
  • Next, choose the destination where you want the repaired RAR file to be saved.
  • After the repairing process has been completed, click OK.

Fix 3 : Download the RAR file Again

One of the causes of the WinRAR checksum issue is an interrupted or incomplete download operation. As a result, redownloading the RAR archive may be worthwhile to try in order to eliminate this problem. It is recommended that you save the file to a different location than the one where you first saved it.

Fix 4: Check with Antivirus Software

Without a doubt, leaving your device unprotected can lead to a variety of problems, including problems with your RAR archives. If you've observed that your antivirus isn't reacting along with WinRAR, you should double-check if your Antivirus software is old dated or not and update it with the latest version.

Fix 5: Repair RAR Chksum Error In The Encrypted File Using Remo Repair RAR Tool

  • Download and install the Remo Repair RAR tool on your Windows to fix Checksum error in WinRAR.
  • remo repair rar

  • Launch the tool and click on the Browse button to select the corrupt RAR file that is showing checksum error.
  • Click on the Repair option to start repairing the corrupt RAR files with a checksum error.
  • Once the RAR file repair process is completed, you can extract and access .rar files without any error.
  • Now, click on the Save button to restore the repaired RAR file in your desired location.

Benefits of Remo Repair RAR Checksum Repair Tool:

  • If you want to remove the WinRAR checksum error in the encrypted file then use the Remo Repair tool to fix it up.
  • This wizard helps you to repair WinRAR checksum errors in encrypted files along with different errors like WinRAR access denied, CRC errors, unexpected end of errors, RAR error 17540, cannot open RAR file and many more.
  • Non-destructive application as it extracts only information from the source file to create a new and workable RAR file.
  • It has the ability to fix WinRAR checksum error in the encrypted file which is too big in size.
  • Toolkit can even extract the content from the password protected RAR files from various WinRAR 5.50, WinRAR 5.0, WinRAR 4.00, WinRAR 3.90, WinRAR 3.80, WinRAR 3.70, WinRAR 3.50, WinRAR 2.90, WinRAR 2.00 versions.
  • One can use this tool to repair corrupt WinRAR files on all computers that run with Windows 11, 10, Windows 8.1, and earlier versions.