How to Fix No Sound Issues in QuickTime MOV File

Updated on April 14, 2020

QuickTime MOV Video file playing without sound? Then, makse use of Remo Repair MOV software that fixes the issues in three easy steps, and avails you to preview the repaired MOV file before you activate the licensed version. Download the free trial version now!!!

The sound on a MOV file can break due to several reasons, but the most common reason is that the video player you are using to play it is incompatible with the file type. MOV files are the QuickTime based files. So, playing MOV files in an incompatible Media Players like Windows Media Player often lead to errors like No Sound issue in MOV Files. So, to avoid no sound in QuickTime MOV file is not to play a MOV file in incompatible Media Players, and always play it in QuickTime Player.

Other than the above mentioned reason, your QuickTime MOV file can also encounter no sound issue due to various other reasons. One such other reason is improper installation of the QuickTime Player. So, you need to check if QuickTime installation has decoded the videos. Also, there are other reasons like update errors, faulty speakers, MOV file corruption, and so on which leads to QuickTime MOV no sound problem. So here you go; try out these fixes to resolve sound issues in MOV file –

1) Check drivers, system speakers

Check the speakers of your system. Are they working fine? Also, make sure you have the latest sound drivers to play media files. Try playing MOV files on various media players, and see if the sound is proper.

2) QuickTime Update Fix

If the MOV file is not playing sound even after update, then the problem could be QuickTime still referencing old installation files. You can solve this problem by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Launch QuickTime application, and go to Edit menu
  • Select Preferences -> QuickTime Preferences
  • Click on Audio, select Safe mode (waveOut only) option
  • Apply the change and exit QuickTime
  • Now relaunch QuickTime, and play MOV video again

If these methods didn’t work out, then the problem could be more serious. Moreover, if you are experiencing no sound issue with only one MOV file, then it means that the MOV file could be corrupted. Due to this, QuickTime would be failing to output its audio. So how to fix the issue? The answer is simple. With Remo Repair MOV software for Mac and Windows. Why this tool, you may ask. Read on to know….

Tool to Fix QuickTime MOV File with No Sound - Remo Repair MOV!!!

Remo Repair MOV tool will fix corrupted QuickTime MOV file which is not playing sound, in a safe and easy way. The application efficiently repairs corrupt .mov video while retaining its original video quality. Not only MOV files, even MP4 videos which are damaged, broken, or unplayable due to any cause can be fixed with this software. The software also fixes QuickTime MOV file black screen error, audio video sync issues, MOV file error 2048, and other error messages on all the versions of Mac and Windows OS, as it is available in Windows and Mac versions separately.

Guide to Fix QuickTime MOV File Not Playing Sound –

Step 1: Download and install Remo Repair MOV software on your Windows system. Launch the tool. Browse for a healthy MOV file as a reference, followed by the corrupt MOV file to be repaired, and then click on "Repair".

QuickTime MOV File No Sound  - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: The repair process is initiated, and you can view the progress in the progress bar

QuickTime MOV File No Sound  - Progress

Figure 2: Repair Process

Step 3: Preview the fixed MOV file using "Preview" option

QuickTime MOV File No Sound  - Preview

Figure 3: Preview Video

Step 4: Save the file to any location using "Save" option

QuickTime MOV File No Sound  - Save File

Figure 4: Save Repaired MOV