PPTX File Repair

Repair PPTX File Instantly

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful presentation managing tool created and marketed by Microsoft Corporation. Presentations in the form of slide-shows can be created using Microsoft PowerPoint software. PowerPoint files can be easily accessed through Windows OS, Mac OS X and Smartphones. PowerPoint files are saved as unique file formats for various types of PowerPoint documents such as .ppt, .pop, .pps, .pptx, .pptm, .potx, .potm, .ppam, .ppsx, .ppsm, .sldx, .sldm depending on the type of PowerPoint document. Various extensions signify different types of PowerPoint files.

What exactly is a PPTX (.pptx) file?

PPTX is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation file released in the year 2007 that uses Microsoft Office Open XML file format. Other programs can easily access a PPTX file because of the Open XML format. It is quite different from a normal PPT file.

Scenarios leading you to perform PPTX file repair:

Similar to any other Microsoft Office file, a PowerPoint file too can get inaccessible and corrupt due to various reasons. For instance, you have created a PowerPoint file in .pptx format that contains multiple layers, slides, patterns, etc. for a project presentation. All of a sudden, due to reasons unknown, you are not able to open the PPT file and while trying to figure out what’s wrong with that file, you corrupt it. Similarly, there are many various reasons that corrupt a PPT file. However, the question remains, can PPTX file fix be carried out? If so, how to gain access to corrupt PowerPoint files or to perform PPTX file repair? Read on to know answers to these questions but before proceeding to that, let's put some light on scenarios leading to PowerPoint file corruptions.

Actions likely to cause PowerPoint file corruptions:

There may be errors or actions that lead to corruptions of PPTX files and make them inaccessible. Most common of them are listed below.

  • The most notorious threat comes from a Virus or malware attack
  • Errors in software or a faulty program may corrupt a PPTX file
  • Compressing / decompressing PowerPoint files with the help of third party tools
  • Ending PowerPoint application in a wrong manner and terminating any action while accessing the PPTX files or closing the program while Save process is carried out
  • The PPTX files or any other PowerPoint files in concern can get damaged if the hard drive holding those files malfunctions due to any reason
  • Physical impact to the drive containing PPTX files can make those files inaccessible or corrupt them
  • Downloading errors - downloading PowerPoint files over faulty internet connections or downloading a broken / incomplete file
  • Improper sharing of PowerPoint files between any devices can corrupt those files
  • Other damages may come from abnormalities like sudden power disruptions and system crashes

Repairing PPTX file using Remo Repair PPT tool:

As a result of any of the above listed situations, the PowerPoint files can get corrupt and inaccessible leading you to perform PPTX file repair. You can definitely repair these files using a trusted PowerPoint repair tool like Remo Repair. Fixing PPTX file can be easily carried out with the help of user-friendly interface of this tool. It is a highly recommended application to repair any kind of errors and corruptions in PowerPoint files. So just download this amazing tool to perform PPTX file rescue within few simple clicks using Remo Repair PPT tool.




Steps to fix PPTX files using Remo Repair tool:

Step 1: Download Remo Repair PowerPoint tool by clicking in the Download icon and install it on your computer. Run the application, browse the corrupt PowerPoint file and click "Repair" button.

PPTX File Fix - Main Screen

Step 2: Watch the repair progress in the progress bar as file is being repaired.

Repairing PPTX File - Progress Screen

Step 3: Preview the fixed PPTX files and its contents using the "Preview" option.

Fixing PPTX File - Preview Screen

Step 4: Click on "Save" option to complete the save process.

PPTX File Rescue - Saving Screen