PowerPoint File Repair Software

Repairing PowerPoint Files

"I was working on a project for months and it was the final day for submission of the project. It was really heart-breaking to see my PowerPoint files not responding. What can be done to get back access to presentation files? I am in need of those files. Can anyone help me in repairing the PPT?”

It sounds like your PowerPoint files has been damaged or corrupted. PPT files are helpful in preparing slides in a presentation format. But you should be very careful when you access the .ppt files as it can go damaged for many reasons. Initially you can try out other basic methods to retrack your PowerPoint file. If nothing works means you can go for a trusted PPT file repair tool like Remo Repair for fixing all your PowerPoint problems. The application is having many features by which you can repair PowerPoint as well as you can understand the relevance of Remo Repair.

Importance of Remo Repair

During the repair of PowerPoint files the application will create a basic structure of the .ppt file by extracting all the elements of a PowerPoint like text, hyperlink, clipart through which the software fix the issues. It is an automated process and doesn’t consume much time for repairing.

Characteristics of Remo Repair -PowerPoint repair tool..!

  • Easy to use wizard because it includes only a very few simple steps.
  • Created by a team of file repair experts to recover corrupt PowerPoint files and fixed issues effortlessly.
  • Repairs all types of PowerPoint file formats such as .ppt, .pptx and .pps.
  • Fix PPT files which decline to open in a very easy way.
  • Mends all components of the PowerPoint file such as text, sound effects, animations and clipart.
  • Repaired files can be stored at any place which is accessible to host Operating System.
  • The utility even recover the minute attributes like date, title and page numbers.
  • Supports Operating System such as Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.
  • Once repairing process is over you can view your repaired PowerPoint file through the “Preview” option.
  • Provides a continuous technical support for software concerned problems.
  • You can avail demo version of the tool which is technically the same as the activated version till the saving process. You can save your repaired PowerPoint file only if you purchase the licensed version.

Reasons for a PowerPoint file repair

Software errors and hardware errors are the two main kinds of errors which lead a PowerPoint files into corruption or damage. Software error mainly deals with the malware attack, bugs in the program, which means an error in the Windows System which produces an unexpected result. Hardware error is dealt with the errors in networking device while you download a PowerPoint file and it can also get corrupt if the hard disk which holds the file fails to save the .ppt file. There are lots of other reasons which tends to corruption of PowerPoint files like improper installation of the software can result in damage, switching of the system without knowledge, mistakes done by humans like change of file format, etc. can also lead to damage of .ppt files.

Points to remember:

  • Compress your PowerPoint files before sending it through mail.
  • Ensure regular back up of the file.
  • Run antivirus on a regular basis to avoid virus infection.
  • Turn Off “Allow Fast Saves “option, this option is used to save large .ppt files but it will corrupt the PowerPoint file quickly.
  • Do not forget to save your PowerPoint file before closing.

Steps to repair PowerPoint files using Remo Repair toolkit:

Step 1: Download Remo Repair application by clicking in the Download icon and install it on your system. Launch the software and follow the on-screen steps to repair the corrupt presentation files instantly.

PowerPoint File Repair Tool - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Be calm until the PPT file is being fixed.

MS PowerPoint Repair Tool - Progress Screen

Figure 2: Progress Screen

Step 3: You can view the repaired PowerPoint file by using the Preview option.

PowerPoint File Repair Software - Preview Screen

Figure 3: Preview Screen

Step 4: To save the fixed PPT file you have to buy its licensed version.

PowerPoint File Repair Utility - Saving Screen

Figure 4: Saving Screen