Nikon Camera Data Recovery

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Recover Nikon Camera Data Easily

Nikon cameras support SD, SDHC, SDXC external media storage devices in order to store captured photos and movies. Some top-end Nikon cameras are also equipped with double memory slots; an extra memory slot used for data overflow and data backup functions.

Nikon camera data recovery:

Data from the memory cards can be lost or deleted on various occasions such as accidental data deletion – deleting files accidentally, formatting the memory card, deleting data unintentionally from a connected computer, intentional data deletions. There are some occasions wherein you may have to erase data from a memory card such as; when the device is inaccessible, infected with virus, or the device’s data goes missing as a result of improper usage, etc. In such situations, you may lose all data such as photos and videos from your Nikon camera’s storage.

In most of the cases, the erased data still resides on the memory cards but it’s just inaccessible from your camera, card reader or from the computer. What you have to do is, in order to make the data accessible again, re-alter the deleted contents header data and make it visible to your camera and other devices. To do this, i.e. to perform Nikon camera data recovery, you will need a third party data recovery software. Data recovery softwares are designed to scan for deleted contents on a storage device, modify the header data and make it visible to the camera and other devices. A reliable and powerful data recovery tool that is widely recommended in these situations is Remo Recover for Windows based computers, using which you can connect your Nikon camera or its memory card via card reader to a Windows PC in order to perform Nikon camera data recovery.

Recovering Nikon camera data using Remo Recover application:

To restore Nikon camera data, download Remo Photo Recovery tool by clicking on the Download button and install it on your Windows computer. Directly connect the Nikon camera to the computer or you can use a card reader to connect it to the Windows PC via USB port. If you’re connecting the camera directly, make sure the camera is sufficiently charged to easily last the data recovery process. Now, you’re good to go. Just follow the detailed data recovery steps below with their respective screen-shots to retrieve Nikon camera data in just few simple clicks. Before you proceed to recover data from Nikon camera, you can learn some ideas about how to maintain data safely on memory cards.

A few simple ideas to maintain data safely and to avoid data corruptions on a memory card:

  • Handle with care: Memory cards can easily get damaged if they are handled improperly and forcefully. For example, ejecting and inserting memory card frequently or in a wrong fashion
  • Keep the camera charged before using it: If you shoot pictures or videos when the battery is almost dead, there is a chance for data loss from its memory device
  • Using the memory card on multiple devices such as camera, phones, card reader, etc. can cause data loss or corruptions on that memory device
  • Keep your Nikon storage device away from viruses / malwares and from virus infected devices
  • Modifying the memory card’s files via a computer when the files are simultaneously being accessed on the camera can cause data deletions.

Avoid these situations in order to maintain a clean and healthy memory device to keep your data safe and secure

Steps to recover data from a Nikon camera using Remo Recover tool:

Connect the memory card of your Nikon camera to your system, in which you are going to install the Remo Recover software and follow the steps to recover your photos, videos, and other files from the camera card -

Step 1: Install and run Remo Recover software on your Windows computer and select Recover Photos option from the main screen, and then choose the memory card of your Nikon camera from the list of drives and click Scan button to initiate scanning

Recover Nikon Camera Data - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: After the scanning process is completed, a list of recovered files are displayed. You can view these files in two formats Data View, and File Type View

Restore Nikon Camera Data - Recovered Data View

Figure B: Recovered Data View

Step 3: Now, before saving these files, preview them using Preview option to evaluate the software

Retrieve Nikon Camera Data - Preview Recovered Files

Figure C: Preview Recovered Files

Step 4: Now, if you are completely happy with the tool, then activate the license of the tool to save the recovered files

Recover Data From Nikon Camera - Save Recovered Files

Figure D: Save Recovered Files