MOV File Not Playing In VLC

Go through this page to know the reasons why VLC won't play your MOV videos and how to resolve the issue with Remo MOV Repair Tool in quick steps. Download the free MOV Repair tool by clicking on the below download button and get fixed your MOV video file that is not playing in VLC player in three simple steps. Try now for free!!!

Addressing MOV File Unable to Play in VLC issues

VLC media player is one of the best third party media file players available today which can easily play almost all kinds of media files on almost all computing devices. There are hardly very little amount of files which are unplayable on VLC as this media player comes with most necessary codec pack preinstalled with it. A MOV file, being a famous and world-wide accepted media file format, should by easily playable on a video players such as VLC. However, in rare cases, the QuickTime MOV file causes glitches with VLC media player while playing it. Some of the known causes can be:

  • Streaming errors: You are streaming a MOV file in QuickTime and after playing a portion of the video, you pause it and use the video file’s URL to open it using VLC media player under Open Network Stream. Any errors while performing this action can cause MOV file not playing in VLC issues
  • Codec issues: VLC media player should come equipped with everything you need to play a MOV file. However, if you have tested your MOV files using another player and you're still unable to get your video to play at all, then this might be a case of missing the relevant codecs
  • File corruption issues: It's possible that the MOV video file is damaged or corrupted. This can happen when the MOV file is copied incorrectly. (OR) If you downloaded the MOV file, it may not have been finished downloading completely, it may have encountered errors while downloading or the MOV file which is been downloaded is broken or incomplete already

The easiest way to test if the file is corrupted is to use another media player or to copy the MOV video to another computer to check if it’s playing correctly. Other alternative if the MOV file not playing in VLC is to download or create a new copy of that MOV video if you can have access to it. Also note that VLC media player cannot play the content which is protected by digital rights management. If these are not the options for you to address MOV file not playing in VLC errors and if you’re sure the MOV video files are corrupt, then you will have to resolve VLC unable to play MOV file issues with the help of a reliable and effective video repair tool such as Remo Repair MOV, which is an expert in repairing damaged MOV video files.

Addressing VLC not able to play MOV file issues using Remo Repair MOV:

Using Remo Repair MOV application is the best option to resolve VLC can’t play MOV files issues on Windows and Mac systems. This tool can effectively scan and fix all kinds of errors and corruptions related to MOV video files. It is very user friendly to operate and to perform MOV file unplayable in VLC and other errors within no time. You can make use of demo version of this amazing software to scan, fix and preview the repaired MOV file before saving it on any location. Remo Repair MOV repairs all corrupt MOV video format without compromising in the original video quality.

Steps to resolve MOV file not playing in VLC issues using Remo Repair MOV:

Step 1: Install Remo Repair MOV on your Windows system and launch it. Browse the MOV video in concern and click on "Repair".

VLC Unable to Play MOV File - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: The repair process is intiated and it may take a while to complete. Click "Cancel" in case you want to interrupt the process.

VLC Not Able to Play MOV File - Progress Bar

Figure 2: Repair Process

Step 3: Preview the fixed MOV file by playing a portion of the video file using "Preview" option.

VLC Can’t Play MOV File - Preview

Figure 3: Preview MOV Video

Step 4: Save it to any desired location using "Save" option.

MOV File Unplayable in VLC - Save File

Figure 4: Save Repaired MOV