MOV File Not Playing In QuickTime

Addressing MOV File Unable to Play in QuickTime issues on a Windows computer

    Is MOV file not playing in QuickTime on your Windows computer? Or you encounter any abnormality while playing a MOV file. These actions might indicate symptoms of MOV file corruptions on your Windows system. Read on to know what is the reason behind MOV file not playing in QuickTime issues and how to effectively repair QuickTime MOV files using a software called Remo Recover MOV without any compromise in the video quality. Below mentioned are a few general explanations that cause MOV file not playing in QuickTime and similar issues to occur to a MOV file on a Windows based computer. Have a look at it before we begin with fixing MOV file won’t play in QuickTime issues.

    Explanations that cause corruptions to MOV files on Windows:

    • Faults while downloading the QuickTime MOV files using the internet are common. Files on the internet which are available for download can be broken or damaged
    • Converting MOV files from one file format to another improperly can cause that MOV file to get corrupt and cause MOV file can’t play in QuickTime errors
    • Viruses and malwares can easily corrupt MOV files when the MOV files get infected
    • Power related hazards such as power outages or disruptions and also sudden termination of the MOV files while accessing these files can cause QuickTime MOV files to get corrupt
    • Using any unreliable third party applications rather than using QuickTime media player to access MOV files can corrupt the MOV files making them inaccessible

    What do you do when you find that your MOV file is inaccessible or corrupt?

    When the MOV file is unplayable on your Windows computer, try playing the unplayable QuickTime MOV file using other multimedia players such as VLC media player or copy the MOV files to another system and then try to access that MOV file. Another method is to convert the unplayable MOV file to any other file format such as MP4 or so on. If the MOV file is still not responding properly, check for the MOV file’s storage size, the MOV file should hold a comparable amount of data size. If yes, the MOV file can be repaired or else it cannot be rescued.

    If any of the tricks didn’t help you in resolving can’t play QuickTime MOV files, then you will have to go for a powerful and reliable MOV repair tool such as Remo Repair MOV to repair such files without trying all the unnecessary tricks over the internet to recover them as they may cause further damage to the MOV files.

    Remo Repair MOV to rescue your MOV files:

    Remo Repair MOV is one of the most powerful and effective MOV file repairer tools available on the internet today which can easily perform QuickTime MOV file repair. This tool works by extracting all data from those files and creates a new MOV video file by combining the audio and video data from the extracted MOV file into the new video file. The trial version of Remo repair MOV is absolutely free to use, with which use the software to scan, repair and play a portion of the fixed QuickTime MOV files using only the trial version of this application. Only after the repair process gets completed as per your expectations, and after viewing the repaired QuickTime MOV file, you can choose to go with the full version of Remo Repair MOV tool to finish saving those files to any drive.

Steps to resolve MOV file won’t play in QuickTime issues using Remo Repair MOV on a Windows computer:

Step 1: Install Remo Repair MOV on your Windows system and launch the software. Browse the MOV video file and click on "Repair".

MOV File Won’t Play In Quicktime - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: The repair process is intiated and the process may take a while to complete.

Repair Quicktime MOV Files - Progress

Figure 2: Repair Process

Step 3: Preview the fixed MOV by playing a portion of the video file using "Preview" option.

MOV File Can’t Play In Quicktime - Preview

Figure 3: Preview Video

Step 4: Save the repaired MOV to any secure location using "Save" option.

Quicktime MOV File Repair - Save File

Figure 4: Save Repaired MOV