How to Fix MOV File that Plays Only Audio but No Video?

Updated on June 15, 2022

If your MOV file is only playing audio, the reliable way to fix it is by using the Remo Video Repair tool. This tool can easily fix all your MOV video file errors such as MOV video or audio not playing, audio-video syncing issues, etc. It works on read only mode, allowing you to preview the recovered MOV file to judge the success rate of the software.

MOV is a popular video format created by Apple that works well on both Macintosh and Windows computers. A MOV file comprises timecode, text tracks, as well as video and audio data, and is used to store and synchronise the file on various media. And each media track is encoded using one or several diverse codecs. Thus, in order to play a MOV video, the player must recognize the specific codec(s) used in the MOV file.

Why Does My MOV File Only Play Audio?

The following are some of the reasons for the error: my mov file only plays audio.

Usage of old dated codec with upgraded system: if you have upgraded your OS to the latest version or upgraded media player version, will not support the old codec of MOV file with the upgraded system. This might result in MOV files playing only audio.

Playing MOV files on different media players: Due to compatibility issues or malfunctioning of the media player the MOV video gets affected and fails to play video, gives only sound.

Improperly importing MOV files: After capturing a MOV video on any camera, we generally transfer it to the computer. But, transferring/importing MOV files in unrecomended ways might damage the file and causes only audio to get played.

Corrupted MOV file: When MOV video files become corrupt, the system defaults to read-only audio, and when audio files become corrupt, the system defaults to read-only video. As a result, just audio or video is played.

Downloading MOV files from Unreliable sources: It's just as essential where you get your MOV files as it is what you get. Obtaining them from shady websites will cause more harm than benefit.

Other issues: Improper system updates, synchronization errors, incorrectly upgrading media player to a higher version, virus intrusion, bad sectors on storage media, header corruption of MOV file, usage of unreliable editing tools on MOV file etc. may create these sorts of problems during MOV video playback.

These are the three most common reasons why your MOV video file will only play audio. Let's look at how to resolve these issues and make your MOV video file playable and free of corruption.

How To Fix MOV File Not Showing Video?

The methods listed below can be used to fix MOV file format error that plays only audio and not video.


M1: Incompatible Codec Of MOV Video File

A codec pack will remain the same regardless of which media player you used to play your MOV video file. MPEG-4 is the codec that is used to play the MOV video file smoothly. Check to see if your media player can play MPEG-4 codec movies.

If not, go to Google and search for MPEG-4 codec and download. Make sure you're downloading from a trusted source. The majority of dubious or spammy websites contain bloatware-infested codec, this will lead to further severe corruption. Therefore, it is recommended to repair your corrupted MOV file with a reliable video repair tool.

M2: Fix Issues With QuickTime Player

When the player you used to open the MOV file fails to identify the codec present in the .mov video, you may experience issues like MOV file plays audio but no video or image. So, try below troubleshooting solutions on a copy of your MOV file that has audio but no video.

  • If the MOV file is playing only sound but no video on QuickTime player. Then, select the Edit option in the QuickTime menu,
  • Choose Preferences, then QuickTime Preferences. Use the Update button and update the player.
  • Restart QuickTime media player. Now, check if your MOV video is still only playing audio even after restarting the QuickTime media player.

Note: Sometimes Is it impossible for your Mac to play MOV files on QuickTime? It can be because of corruption. Read more on how to fix QuickTime MOV files that won't play.

If the above mentioned tips didn’t work for you, the error you are facing might be due to a damaged MOV file. In the next section we are going to see how to fix a damaged or corrupted MOV file

M3: Try VLC Media Player To Fix MOV File

This technique works on both Windows and Mac computers. Try this workaround if you have VLC and are having difficulties playing the MOV file. If you use VLC to play MOV files and come across a corrupt file, then you can repair it with VLC Media Player without any problem.

Note: Make a backup of your MOV file, since by following this workaround you will be changing the file format from .mov to .avi. Trying to change the file format sometimes damages your video further.

  • Launch VLC Media Player and then go to Media and click on Convert/Save option.
  • vlc media player

  • Click on the File tab and select the Add option, and add the Corrupt MOV file. Then select Convert/Save.
  • Click on the Browse option in the destination file section and rename the destination. This will convert the file into .avi format.
  • Now go to Tools > and select Preferences > and then navigate to the Input/Codec.
  • vlc tools

  • Now in the damaged or incomplete AVI file section click on Always fix from the drop down menu.
  • always fix

  • Once the file gets fully converted into .avi format try opening the file with VLC Media Player.

Now you will be able to play the file. If still you are unable to play then move to the next section of the article.

M4: Try And Increase Cache Values In VLC Media Player

This technique is not only helpful to fix MOV files that are fully corrupt but also used to fix MOV video lags or stutters. Following the step-by-step instructions to increase Cache values in VLC.

  • Launch the VLC Media Player, now go to Tools option > and select Preferences.
  • vlc media player

  • In the bottom Show Setting’s option you can see two radio buttons: Simple and All, select All radio button.
  • Then select Input/codec option, select the Advance option.
  • In the Advance option you will see File caching(ms), you can change the cache values to 1000 or above.
  • Finally click on the Save option and restart the VLC Media Player.

This above solution will help you play the MOV file without any hassle. If the above mentioned method didn’t work for you, the error you are facing might be due to a damaged MOV file. In the next section we are going to see how to fix a damaged or corrupted MOV file Using Remo Video Repair.

M5: Repair MOV file using Remo Video Repair

If your MOV video file is corrupt, you would not be able to repair it using trouble shooting methods. The most recommended approach is to utilize a professional MOV video repair tool like Remo Video Repair.

This repair tool is well-known among professionals as an easy-to-use tool. Remo Video Repair fixes the corrupt MOV file by separating the audio and video data from the corrupt file and then fixes it. This tool is compatible With both Mac and Windows operating systems. Download the tool now.

3 Steps To Fix MOV File That Plays only Audio Using Remo Video Repair

Download Remo Video Repair software on your computer, and launch it.

Step 1: Click on Select file option and select MOV file not playing video.

Steps 2: Click on Reference file option and select a Healthy MOV file captured from the same device.

No Video in MOV file- Main

Step 3: After selecting the MOV video, click on the Repair option. the software fixes the MOV file not playing video.

Note: Play the file using the Preview option to judge the success rate of the software

Step 4: Click on the Save option to get back the repaired MOV file on the desired location.

Note: The software can also fix MOV file black screen error in QuickTime, green screen error, error 2048, error 2041, etc., with MOV/MP4 files while playing in QuickTime Player.


When the MOV file gets damaged due to above alike causes then it may play only audio or has sync errors. But, you need not worry as Remo Video Repair is at your help.

The software can effectively repair MOV file format error or damaged MOV in no time without altering the original file in few clicks. Using this tool, you can repair MOV videos captured on several gadgets like digital cameras, camcorders, video recorders, etc., of any brand.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why Does my MOV File only Play the Audio Portion of my Video?

When you upgrade the player version or the system OS on which the MOV is stored, the old codec of the file will no longer be supported on the upgraded system. As a result, the movie may only play audio. Upgrade your player and utilize the most recent codec for MOV files as a solution.

2. How to Convert MOV to MP4?

Use of VLC Media Player to convert any video file of MOV format to MP4 format. Follow the steps below to do so.

  • Launch your VLC media player and select Media from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, from the listing, select Convert/Save.
  • It will lead you to the Open Media window, where you must select a MOV file to convert.
  • Click the Convert/Save button in the bottom right corner.
  • In the Convert window, go to Settings and select the Convert radio option.
  • Next, go to profile and select MP4 as your output format.
  • Finally, choose a location to save your converted file.

3. How to Open/Play MOV files on Mac?

You can try to open/play the MOV files using QuickTime player or VLC Media Player.