Recovering Files Lost by Deep Freeze

Updated on April 13, 2022

Utilize Remo Recover, a reliable file recovery tool that can recover files lost due to deep freeze. It is built with easy to use interface which makes the recovery process easy even for the novice user. It can recover data lost due to various data loss scenarios. Additionally, this tool is fabricated with a read-only mechanism that recovers data without altering the original content. It is compatible with Windows versions like Windows 11, 10, and earlier versions.

“After I worked and saved my files to the hard drive at cyber café, power outage happened. As that cyber café uses a despicable program called “Deep Freeze” that restores the computer to the state it was in at each restart. So…when the computer restarted, my files were gone.

I don’t have backup of those lost files and I don’t want to lose that valuable work. So, is there a way to recover files lost by Deep Freeze?”

The deep freeze is a software driver, that maintains a system state to keep it secure and not allow any changes, to avoid any unauthorized user access. Deep Freeze will delete all modifications made to the system since the last restart when you restart the computer on which it was installed. Any data files saved on the local hard disc, i.e. on your Windows "C" drive, will be deleted as well. So, if you want the modifications to be preserved when the machine is rebooted, you must first disable Deep Freeze and then enable it as needed.
If you are a Deep Freeze user or a victim of loss of files due to Deep freeze like in the above-mentioned scenario, then don’t worry. There is a way you could recover lost files after Deep Freeze!

Is it Possible to Recover Lost Files By Deep Freeze?

Yes, it is possible to recover deleted files by Deep Freeze. To recover lost files, it is recommended to use Remo Recover Software. It works with an advanced scanning algorithm that helps you to recover your lost data in its original form. It operates in read-only mode which reads the required data and copies it to the desired location. It can recover more than 300 file types like audio, video, photos, and many more.

How do I Recover Files Lost by Deep Freeze?

1. Download and install Remo Recover on your computer.

2. From the main screen select the drive from where you want to recover data.

3. Click on the Scan option to initiate the scanning process.

click on the scan option

Note: Once the Quick Scan is completed it directly starts Deep Scan automatically, you can click on the Dynamic Recovery View to see the recovery results. Once the scanning is completed go to the Lost and Found Files folder in the Tree structure to find your files. Once the files are recovered the tool provides the free Preview feature to judge the success rate of the software.

click on the dynamic recovering view

4. Finally, select the files which you want to restore and click on the Recover option.

More about Remo Recover Software:

  • Apart from recovering lost files, the software has the ability to recover files deleted after shift delete, the files that have been lost due to emptying Recycle Bin and also the files that are missing due to improper usage of cut-paste operation.
  • You can also restore files that are lost after disk cleanup, virus infection, accidental deletion, etc.
  • Recovers deleted and lost files from pen drives, external hard drives, memory cards, iPods, and many more.
  • Restores files from various storage devices formatted with FAT and NTFS file systems.

Quick Tips to Follow:

  • When you restart the computer in which you have installed Deep Freeze, it will remove all changes made to the system since the last restart. It will also remove any data files saved on the local hard disk i.e. on your Windows “C” drive.
    So if you wish that the changes should still present when the computer is restarting, you have to disable the Deep Freeze application and enable it whenever necessary. However, if you are late to do so and lost your data then make use of the Remo Recover Application to get back lost files.
  • When setting up the Deep Freeze software, you are prompted to set a master password, which you will then use in the future to enable and disable the service. So it is very important to remember the password!