Lenovo IdeaPad Recovery

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

How to recover Lenovo IdeaPad?

People today would like to own a laptop, than a desktop. Some people say like professionals keep moving to different places and it can be too hard to carry a desktop with them. Laptops take a very less room space compared to the desktop computers. The main difference between them is portability and the memory capacity. These laptops are lightweight and does not contain separate parts like monitor, keyboard etc. The name itself suggests you that it is set on your lap while using.

In market, one will discover large kinds of laptop with different designs, configurations, weight and colors. You might also find laptops which belong to various brands such as Lenovo, HP, Dell, Toshiba and many more. In 2008, a new laptop was produced by Lenovo called Lenovo IdeaPad. This laptop was launched with more consumer-oriented look and feel. It constituted of features such as frameless screens, VeriFace facial recognition, Dolby speaker systems and touch controls which made it popular in very short span of time. Later with time, a wide variety of IdeaPad series was released with modified and added specifications. However, these laptops are susceptible to data loss. You may come across situations where your laptop stops booting or a file is missing from a folder. This incident can be caused on account of certain events. Let us discuss some of the common scenarios, where you tend to lose your essential files from Lenovo IdeaPad laptop.

Computers are vulnerable to virus attack, whenever they are exposed to a network or when an infected device is connected to the computer without scanning. Such attacks are extremely annoying as they tend to cause data destructions on Lenovo IdeaPad. It can perform actions like deleting a file, making the file into shortcuts, renaming a file which eventually ends in data loss.

Using your Lenovo IdeaPad with low battery even tends to cause data loss. If your laptop shuts down when you have any files that is still actively used, then due to improper system termination, the files can be lost. In such event the Operating System fails to save the changes to the file system and hence results in loss.

In additional, to the above mentioned events files can also be lost when you commit mistake of deleting a wrong file, using un-trusted third party software, improper file transfer and so on. But in all these cases the final result will be a data loss, which is disappointing. You think about a query now how restore my Lenovo IdeaPad? If you are worried because of this, here comes a right solution for you. You can recover partition files that is lost, deleted, formatted or corrupted with the help of Remo Recover Software.

Simple tips to prevent loss of files from Lenovo IdeaPad:

  • Guard your laptop against virus by using a trusted up-to-date antivirus program
  • Always use your laptop when there is sufficient battery
  • Create your data backup and update it frequently


Remo Recover offers extensive features to enable you to recover Lenovo IdeaPad data very easily. You can operate this software conveniently, since it contains a simple and attractive GUI. You can make use of this tool to restore Lenovo IdeaPad files such as documents (txt, html, doc, docx, pdf etc), media files (music, videos and pictures etc), database files (XLSX, XLS, XLA etc) and many more. After employing the software and recovering the files, you can see the content of the file by using “Preview” option. This best Lenovo IdeaPad recovery software has the capability to recover lost files from storage devices like hard disk, different models of USB and memory cards etc.

Steps to recover data from lenovo Ideapad:

Step 1: Click on the download button and install the software on your computer. Start the software and click on "Recover Partitions" option from the main screen. Next, you will see all the logical and physical disks available in the laptop. Choose the appropriate disk and click "Scan" button, as shown in Fig.1

Restore My Lenovo IdeaPad- Main Screen

Fig.1: Main screen

Step 2: Now, it will scan the disk to find all its partitions. Once scanning is done, you will see alrtitions with their file systems. Now, choose the partition from where you want to recover your files and click "Scan" button to start the recovery process, as shown in Fig.2

Lenovo IdeaPad Recovery  - Choose Lenovo Ideapad Partition

Fig.2: Choose Lenovo Ideapad Partition

Step 3: After the completion of scanning and recovery, it shows the recovered files in "Data View", and "File Type View" as shown in Fig.3

Lenovo Ideapad Recovery Software - Recovered Data View

Fig.3: Recovered Data View

Step 4: It will then allows to preview the recovered files to evaluate its recovery results before saving, as shown in Fig.4

Restore Lenovo Ideapad - Preview Retrieved Data

Fig.4: Preview Retrieved Data

Step 5: Finally, purchase the licensed edition of the tool and save the recovered files, as the trial edition won't allow to save the files, as shown in Fig.5

Restore Lenovo Ideapad - Save Retrieved Data

Fig.5: Save Retrieved Data