How to Recover Files Infected by Shortcut Virus - An Ultimate Guide!

Updated on July 16, 2022

If your drive is infected by a shortcut virus then all the files and folders on your storage device can turn into shortcuts and cannot be opened. In this article, we will discuss how to fix and recover data infected by a shortcut virus. And also, find an automated way to recover files using Remo Recover. This is built with a deep scan engine that scans every sector of the drive to get back the data.

What is a Shortcut Virus?

A shortcut virus infected external hard drive, USB flash drive, pen drive or even internally fixed hard disk can definitely create endless troubles. But, you need not to be worried about this because it is possible to remove shortcut virus. And, you can also restore files lost due to shortcut virus easily.

How does the Shortcut Virus work or spread?

In essence, a shortcut virus is a hybrid of a Trojan that hides or destroys your original files on the infected device and then replaces them all with shortcuts that it creates.

How to Remove Shortcut Virus?

Phase 1: Removing Shortcut Virus

First of all, make use of reliable Antivirus software to remove shortcut virus from your devices. If Antivirus software didn’t help you to remove shortcut virus, then try out the techniques mentioned below to get rid of shortcut virus and to recover files.

  • Using command prompt
  • Creating BAT files

Method 1: Recover files infected by shortcut virus using CMD

You can remove shortcut viruses easily with the help of CMD by following these steps:

  • Press Windows + R key, you will see RUN windows, then type Cmd and Run as Administrator.
  • In the command prompt, type attrib -h -r -s /s /d DriveName:\*.* (Replace DriveName with drive letter from which you want to recover shortcut infected files)

If a virus hides the files and folders, now you will be able to open and access them. If you are unable to eliminate shortcut viruses using cmd, then try out the second method.

Method 2: Recover Files Infected by Shortcut Virus using Bat file

You can remove shortcut virus, by creating and running Bat files. Follow the procedure mentioned below to remove shortcut virus-

1. Open Notepad and type below mentioned command on it

@echo off

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d DriveName:*.* attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Drive-Name:*.* attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Drive- Name:*.*

@echo complete

[Mention the drive letter of the device which has infected files instead of DriveName in the above mentioned command]

2. Now, Save your notepad as shortcutvirusremover.bat

3. And run the file to remove shortcut virus

Now, go back to the drive and try to access the file. Still not possible? Then, the better option is to make use of shortcut virus removal program. But, you need to be very careful as they may remove files from your devices. At the same time, many people format the drive containing infected files and thus result in losing the important data files.

If you end up losing files while using any of the above techniques, utilize data recovery software and get back your data from formatted drives easily.

Phase 2: Recovering Files Lost During Shortcut Virus Removal Process

Remo Recover helps you in recovering files lost while removing shortcut virus. It can restore files infected by shortcut virus from your hard drive and multiple storage devices such as pen drive, external hard drive, memory stick, USB flash drive, etc. It even recovers data lost by Kaspersky antivirus software or other anti-virus tools. The tool easily recovers data lost due to hard drive bad sectors, accidental deletion, formatting, and more.

1. Download and install Remo Recover on your Windows.

2. From the main screen select the drive from where you want to recover data.

3. Click on the Scan option to initiate the scanning process.

click on the scan option

Note: Once the Quick Scan is completed it directly starts Deep Scan without any human intervention. Once the scanning is completed, go to the Lost and Found files folder in the Tree structure to find your files lost due to a shortcut virus.

click on the lost and found files

4. Finally, select the files which you want to restore and click on the Recover option.