Restore Permanently Deleted Word Document

To recover permanently deleted Word documents, launch Remo Recover software after downloading the free demo version. Select the location of the previously stored Word files, and on the next screen, choose the desired file format to be recovered and click Start. All files of specified format will be recovered. You can then preview those files and restore them.

Retrieve permanently deleted Word document

Deleting Word document accidentally can be very painful and keeps you realizing about your mistake. This can be extremely irritating, if you don’t know how to recover permanently deleted Word document. Well, not to worry, since recovery of permanently deleted Word file is possible.

Here are Few Methods to Get Back Deleted Word Documents-

You can restore missing Word document on your Windows computer with utmost ease. Follow the workarounds mentioned below and get your Word files back in few minutes.

1) Check for deleted Word file in Recycle Bin folder. Find nothing? No Worries…go to step 2

2) Find, if you have any backup of deleted Word document. If you have, then recover deleted files from it. Don’t have any backup? Still chances of getting deleted Word files are there. How? Read the third method.

3) Look for the Auto Recover files. To do so, navigate to File -> Recent in Microsoft Word. From the bottom of the menu, choose Recover Unsaved Documents and look for your file there.

4) If none of the above method help you to find the deleted Word file, then search for temporary file where you may get your removed file. Go to search box and type *.tmp. When search results appear, look for the file which is started with ~ sign. If you find required file, then open it with Notepad.

5) In case, any of the above-mentioned methods won’t help you to get back your file, then the last option is to employ Remo Recover.

Remo Recover- Effective Way of Recovering Deleted Word File: -

Wondering how? Well, when you lose or delete any file on Windows system, it is not actually removed from the system. Just the pointer indexing to deleted file is removed; because of which operating system marks its place as free space to save new files. This is why, data recovery professional strictly advice you not to use the system after deleting files or folders on it. At times, after recovery, you may find out that the recovered Word file is not opening, which can be due to incorrect or incomplete file restoration.

With this incredible tool, you can safely retrieve permanently deleted Word document as it makes a complete scan of the drive and pulls back each and every file that you deleted intentionally or unintentionally. Engineered with high-class recovery modules, it can get back deleted MS Word documents from all logical disasters. Software ranks high in its class and awarded as the best tool for deleted Word document recovery by many IT industries.

Unique Features of Remo Recover: -

  • Perfectly designed to retrieve deleted and lost Word files with file formats like .doc & .docx
  • Can easily get back deleted PowerPoint files, audios, videos, etc. along with Word documents
  • Comes with simplest user interface that offers problem free deleted Word document recovery on all versions of Windows operating system
  • You can view recoverable files in two types of views i.e. File Type View and Data View
  • Works exceptionally well in order to restore deleted Microsoft Word files that are created in Microsoft Office versions like 2000, 2002, 2007, etc.

Guide to Recover Permanently Deleted Word Files in Windows using Remo Recover Software:

Step 1: As a first step, download and install Remo Recover software on your computer

Step 2: In the main screen, select Recover Files option to recover permanently deleted Word files. Also, select the drive from which you would like to recover these files and click Scan

Recovery Permanently Deleted Word File - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 3: After that, select the drive or partition from where you want to restore permanently deleted Word files and click “Next” button to begin scanning process.

Can I Recover Permanently Deleted Word File - View Recovered Files

Figure B: View Recovered Files

Step 4: Now enjoy a free preview of recovered files and save them to a desired location

Restore Missing Word Document - Save Recovered Files

Figure C: Save Recovered Files

Here Are Couple of Reasons Responsible for Deletion of Word Document Permanently-

Deleting with Command Prompt: Generally, technical users make use of command prompt for performing most of the tasks. So use of command prompt for deleting Word document using “rm” command or “delete” command will remove the file permanently from computer resulting in data loss when it is done accidentally.

Formatting without Backup: At times, you format your Windows computer after noticing some sluggishness in order to improve its efficiency. But doing this without ensuring necessary backup of important Word documents may lead to data loss crisis.

Unfortunately, above mentioned are only a few of the reasons, and there are many other that contributes to same and give you hard time to deal with.