o;? Recover Folder Deleted after Ctrl + Z

Ctrl + Z Deleted Folder Recovery

Remo Recover software provides step by step guidelines to restore folder deleted after Ctrl + Z undo action. It gives you the option to recover any kinds of files deleted from your Windows.

Recover Shift Deleted Files Windows 10

Ctrl + Z keys are used to undo recent changes on your Windows. You should be careful while using Ctrl + Z keys as undoing actions sometimes includes erasing files/folder recently copied to your system.

Well! if you have lost any files or folders due to Ctrl Z keys, then use the techniques listed below to recover what you have lost due to this shortcut key.

  • Undo Ctrl + Z
  • Use Data Recovery software

Method #1: Undoing Ctrl + Z Delete

In case, you have lost important files from a folder due to Ctrl + Z undo action, then do as mentioned below and get your files back.

  • First click Ctrl + Y keys, it will bring back deleted folder
  • Then, right click on it
  • Choose Undo Delete from drop down menu

By following this technique, you can recover folder as well as files. If you couldnbt get your deleted folder by pressing Ctrl + Y keys, then use recovery software and recover all the files.

Method #2: Remo Recover to Restore Folder after Ctrl + Z

If you have failed to recover folder or files lost due to Ctrl + Z keys, then the best option is to make use of reliable data recovery software, i.e. Remo Recover software

Whatever may be the reason for losing files/folders from your computer, you can make use of Remo Recover software. It recovers lost or deleted files of any type in few simple mouse clicks. The tool easily recovers deleted or lost Word files, PowerPoint files, compressed files, other Office files, etc. If you have emptied your Recycle Bin before restoring required files, then make use of this advanced tool to restore them.

Complete Guide on how to Recover Folder after Ctrl + Z

Download Remo Recover on your computer by clicking Download Now button. Then, install as per the instructions to begin the recovery process.

Step 1: Launch Remo Recover software and then click on Recover Files in the main window. Then select the drive from which you would like to recover lost files and folders and click Scan

Main screen

Step 2: Once the software completes the scanning process, it will list down all the found files. Use the File Type View option to sort files based on file type, which makes it easier for you to view files you are looking for


Step 3: You can also use the bSave Recovery Sessionb to proceed with the recovery process at a later time

Save Recovery Session

Step 4: Then select the files you want and save them to a preferred location

Preview and Save Recovered Files