Data Recovery Software for HP Pavilion Laptop

Remo Recover is an advanced data recovery tool for recovering any types of files, deleted or lost due to any reasons, on HP Pavilion and all HP computers.

How to restore HP Pavilion?

HP Pavilion is the most famous notebook models developed by worlds popular HP Company. This model is subdivided into various other models based on the unique features. Though this laptop provides a huge data storage space, you tend to lose your valuable data from it. Such data loss happens due to different events that happen on the computer. Here we shall discuss a common event that might have caused the loss of files from HP Pavilion.

You were assigned an important work by your boss and informed to complete it by tomorrow. Since you could not finish it in office, you carried your work to home. Tonight, you saved all incomplete data on your HP Pavilion laptop and by the end of the day you successfully completed your work. Before going for sleep, you decided to delete all files your pen drive to make space to save your completed work. But unfortunately, instead of selecting the file from the pen drive, you deleted your completed file from the partition. This happened because the files were saved with the same name on different drives. What will you do now?B Will you redo your work? Not possible isnbt it?B We have a best and simple solution for you on this page. Continue reading to know what that solution is.

Instances that result in data loss from HP Pavilion:

Accidental formatting: B Though formatting is helpful in different times, it can prove to be a data disaster at times. When you use this option accidentally, you may end up in losing all the data saved on your partition.

Low battery problems: B When you work on HP Pavilion laptop, it is necessary to maintain an optimum battery. Most of us fail to do so. When the battery is low, you may lose your active files due to abrupt shutdown. If a laptop shuts down abnormally, at certain times it may even make your partition inaccessible which results in huge data loss.

Antivirus scan:B Every system is vulnerable to virus attacks. These malicious programs can infect the computer through various communication means and cause data destruction. So, in order to avoid such infection, you may scan your connected device with antivirus programs. Such programs can delete the infected files along with the virus without giving you any notice

Interruption during file transfer: B File sharing is an important part of todaybs digital world. In order to achieve file sharing in HP Pavilion you need to copy the files from your system to other device. During such process, if you commit a mistake and pull the wire randomly, you will lose the file that was getting transferred.

Tips to avoid loss of data from HP Pavilion:

  • Maintain a regular backup of essential files
  • Use your laptop when it has optimum charge
  • Always make use of bSafely Remove Hardwareb option, while ejecting the drive


Till now we discussed about the events and precautions for data loss. Let us now come to a solution for all these issues. File deleted or lost can be easily be recovered by making use of recovery tools. Remo Recover is well-known recovery software that helps you to perform HP Pavilion recovery effortlessly. It is a powerful utility which performs a deep scan on your notebook and retrieves all the lost files back to you.

There is also a demo version available that enables you to check the recovery results before you purchase the software. This software has the capability to restore HP Pavilion of different file formats such a documents, images, videos, graphics and so on. It also helps you to view the recovered files prior to file restoration.

Steps to recover files from HP Pavilion: -

Step 1: To recover files from your HP Pavilion laptop, download Remo Recover on that system and install the software

Step 2: Run the tool and select Recover Files from the main screen. Then, select the drive from which youbd like to recover files and click on the Scan button

HP Pavilion Recovery - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 3: Once you click Scan, the software scans the selected drive and lists all lost and deleted files in the drive. You can see these files in 2 types of view called File Type View and Data View.

Note: If you want to recover files of a certain type, use the File Type View option as it will sort recovered files based on file type, making it easier for you to locate files you need

HP Pavilion Data Recovery - View Recovered Files

Figure 2: View Recovered Files

Step 4: Then preview the files and save them to a desired location

Recover HP Pavilion- Save Recovered Files

Figure 3: Save Recovered Files