How to Recover Files from Hard Drive after Installing New OS?

Recover your lost data after installing new OS by utilizing Remo Recover software. Download, and Launch the free demo edition of Remo Recover tool. The software scans the drive thouroughly and restores all the lost files in three easy clicks. Then allows you to preview the recovered files before you save them at the desired location. Download and run now!!!

Best Way to Retrieve Hard Disk after Installing New OS

Often, you might encounter hard drives crashes on your Windows system. This event is familiar to everyone, who depends on their computer on a daily basis. Hard drives used on your Windows system may undergo a failure anytime, with or without giving any prior sign. Such events can be really catastrophic as it involves a large amount of data loss. This is where the real use of recovery software comes in. Professionally advanced recovery software like Remo Recover allows you to recover files that you have lost in all possible events on your computer.

Today, one can find a variety of Windows versions, each having its own unique and enriched features. Users can navigate from one OS to other by simply formatting the hard disk and installing new operating system. Moreover, even a single system allows you to install multiple operating systems. While upgrading or installing the new OS, you could end up losing files as a result of wrong operations. In such situations, you generally start panicking, since you know you the data which was put up on your hard drive is now gone. Don’t worry!! This is not the end!! Deleting the files from hard disk does not mean that is lost forever. It still remains in the hard drive by making its space available for new files. Such file are lost permanently only if the space is overwritten by new files. This means that in order to get back your deleted files, you must stop using the hard disk as you may lose your files permanently due to overwriting.

Things that cause the loss of files from computer hard disk:

Unintentional formatting: For installing the operating system one must assign a distinct partition to save the operating system files. During the process, you will have to format this partition and delete all the old OS files. Even in such complicated process, one might end up selecting the wrong partition for formatting. Thereby, one can lose the valuable data stored on the formatted partition of hard disk.

File system corruption: OS installation is an elaborate procedure. It involves many operations and for doing this and one cannot do it without any technical knowledge. Yet somehow, users manage to install the operating system and wind up corrupting the file system dues to wrong operations. As a result of this, you will lose the files saved on files

Hard disk crash: Crashes on hard drives are the common event on computers. While installing the new operating system, people may end up changing the bios settings on the computer, which causes the hard disk to crash. After installing the OS, one might end up having a inaccessible hard drive.

Hence, to avoid such data loss, one must make a habit of backing the important files on a external hard disk. If you have lost your files and don’t have the backup, then only left over option is data recovery. Though, there are various recovery software available for this purpose, only a few can recover files from hard drive after installing new OS successfully. One among such recovery software is Remo Recover

Software to recover files from hard drive after installing new OS - Remo Recover:

With the help of the powerful recovery software, one can easily restore hard drive after installing new OS on your Windows system. This software has the capability to recover each and every individual file from your hard disk partition. Remo Recover easily executes HDD I/O device error data recovery on computers like Windows 10, Windows XP, Window 7 and 8, Windows Vista and many more. Along with this, it allows you to preview the content of the recovered file. By the end of the scan, it allows your save the restored files to any accessible storage drive.


Steps to restore files on hard drive after installing new OS: -

Step 1: Download, install and launch the free version of Remo Recover software on your newly installed Windows system. From the main screen, choose “Recover Partitions” option. Then, it shows all the logical and physical disks available in the system. Choose the disk representing your entire hard disk and click "Scan" button

Recover Files From Hard Drive After Installing New OS - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, the software scans the hard disk to find all its partitions. Once scanning is finished, it shows all its partitions with their file systems. Now, choose the partition which you want to recover and click "Scan" button to recover your data

Restore Hard Drive After Installing New OS- Select Required Partition

Figure B: Select Required Partition

Step 3: After the completion of the scanning and recovery process, it shows the recovered files in two types of views "Data View", and "File Type View"

how to recover files from hard drive after installing new OS- Recovered Data View

Figure C: Recovered Data View

Step 4: At the end of the successful recovery process, you can preview the recovered files by right clicking on the file and selecting Preview from the displayed options.

How To Recover Files From Hard Disk After Installing New - Preview Recovered Data

Figure D: Preview Recovered Data

Step 5: At last, if you are satisfied with the recovery results of the software, buy the full version and save the recovered files at the location of your choice, as the demo version doesn't allow to save the files

Failed Laptop Hard Drive Recovery - Save Recovered Data

Figure E: Save Recovered Data