Recover Files from Corrupted External Hard Disk

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Damage to hard drives is always catastrophic. Your hard disk can fail, crash, get corrupted, turn RAW or become inaccessible. In all of these situations, you will encounter loss of data on the disk. This is true both in internal hard drives as well as external drives. External hard disk contains the same characteristics like that of an internal HDD, except that external hard disks are portable. You can use the external hard disk on your computer, by connecting it via USB cable.

Reasons for corruption and data loss in external hard drive

There are various reasons for corruption and data loss situations in external hard drives. Some of the most common reasons are explained as follows:

  • Improper ejection of the external hard drive from computer
  • Virus infection
  • Improper formatting/partitioning
  • Excessive bad sectors in the hard disk due to logical errors or due to physical damage
  • Errors while using disk management tools may delete partitions and data on the drive
  • Human errors like choosing a wrong drive may cause unintentional data loss

Due to these reasons, you may face corruption in external hard disk and also find that the drive is inaccessible or turned RAW. Consequently, data on these drives also becomes inaccessible, hence the need for recovery.

Recover data from corrupted external hard drives

In order to recover data from these drives, Remo Recover software is a fantastic choice. You can recover files from corrupted external hard disk or recover data from RAW hard disk easily by utilizing Remo Recover software. The software performs a quick scan of the corrupted drive and recovers all your files in couple of minutes. Moreover, it works on a read-only mechanism, hence the originality of your files are maintained even after recovery.

Remo Recover is a complete data recovery package that provides a solution for all your data recovery needs. Using this tool, you can also restore data from unallocated drive, formatted drives and re-formatted hard drives.

Interesting features of Remo hard drive recovery software

  • All brands of hard drives like Hitachi, Buffalo, SanDisk, Seagate, Toshiba, Western Digital and the like are supported by Remo Recover
  • In addition to recovery from external hard drives, the software also supports recovery from other storage devices like USB flash drives, SD cards etc.
  • If bad sectors are present on your drive, then Remo Recover creates a disk image by skipping the bad sectors, from which you can recover data
  • Supports all file systems like FAT 16, FAT 32, ExFAT, NTFS, HFS, HFSX etc.
  • Likewise, it also contains an option that will help you to view the recovered file before you save it to any location. Take advantage of the demo version and learn how to recover files from corrupted USB flash drive, memory cards, and other storage devices to evaluate the recovery results. If you are convinced with the outcome, you can buy the software and restore all your files.

Steps to recover lost data from corrupted external hard disk

Step 1: Run the software on your machine and select Recover Drives option from main screen.

How to recover files from corrupted external hard disk - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Select “Partition Recovery” option to recover your files from external HDD partition. .

Recover Files from Corrupted External Hard Drive- Select Recovery Option

Figure B: Select Recovery Option

Step 3: Now, select the drive that represents your external hard drive from the list and click Next button to begin scanning process.

Corrupted External Hard Disk Recovery - Select Drive

Figure C: Select Drive

Step 4: After the scan process recovered files will be shown is two views i.e File Type View and Data View.

Retrieve Files From Corrupted External Hard Drive - Recovered Data

Figure D: Recovered Data

Step 5: Select the file and preview it. Finally, save the recovered files to a safe location.

Restore Corrupted External Hard Drive - Save Recovered Data

Figure E: Save Recovered Data

Precautionary steps to prevent corruption and data loss in external hard drives

  • Cultivate the habit of taking backup of essential files
  • Use UPS system
  • Follow proper procedure while ejecting external HDD
  • Invest in a reliable anti-virus software


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