How to Recover Files Deleted by Kaspersky Antivirus?

Launch Remo Recover software once downloaded, select the location from where Kaspersky deleted files, select the file types to retrieve and click Start to begin recovering files deleted by antivirus. You can then Preview all recovered files before saving.

Best Way to Restore Data Deleted by Kaspersky Antivirus

Virus is a most vulnerable threat to your computers. It creates a technological holocaust on computers and affects the business to a large extent. These malicious programs can replicate rapidly and cause serious problems on your system. Malware can cause the computer to function erroneously and causes frequent data loss from various devices connected to your computer. It hampers your important work and causes delay. So, it is essential to protect your system from such malicious programs.

Today, there are various companies that develops an antivirus program to resist virus on computers. Kaspersky is one among the efficient and powerful antivirus program that is used popularly at present. This antivirus can scan your affected drive and remove the virus before it causes any disasters on your PC. But sometimes it happens that the antivirus deletes the file along with the virus. During these times people give up hope thinking that the files are lost forever, and thinks themselves can i recover files deleted by antivirus programs. Luckily you will feel happy to know that these files are not actually removed but only made inaccessible. However, these files cannot be accessed directly by operating system and you may need the aid of efficient recovery software to restore files that was deleted using a Kaspersky antivirus.

Types of virus found widely in computers:

Macro viruses:  Macro virus are special type of malicious program developed especially for Microsoft application. These programs can infect the word and excel files by embedding its own code in this. Thus, it results in loss of Word and Excel files  

Trojans Horses: Trojans are the normal computer programs. These virus does not replicate and hence less harmful than other malware. When downloaded to the drive, it does of work of data destruction by erasing the drive. You can easily detect these viruses by using a antivirus program.

Worms:  These are the common virus found on networks. It makes use of networks to spread and replicate themselves from one system to another. These malware spreads to your system when you download harmful email attachment and causes destruction to your system drives.  Therefore, such infections results in loss of huge amount of data

Boot sector virus: These are nasty little virus that gets loaded into your MBR when system boots. This generally causes problem during booting and makes your system inaccessible. Thus, this event leads to system formatting which may cause the loss of your vital files.

What does the virus do to your data?

The malware infects your drive in many ways and causes data loss and system inaccessibility. Here are some of the actions caused by malware

  • Renames your existing file
  • Embeds extra codes in a healthy file
  • Delete a file from its location
  • Convert the files into shortcuts
  • Makes the drive inaccessible by corrupting its file system

Whatever might be the event; you can make use of Remo Recover software and recover all your deleted files significantly. This tool has the capability to extract all types of files deleted by Kaspersky antivirus. It suits well on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8, Windows server 2003 and 2008 and so on. Not even this; you can make use of this tool to recover files infected by shortcut virus as well as restore deleted files from storage media like internal hard drive, portable hard disk, memory cards, USB and more. There is also a preview feature which helps you to see the content of the recovered data prior to restoration.

Steps to restore files deleted by kaspersky antivirus:

Step 1: Install the app and select “Recover Files” from main screen in order to recover your deleted files

How to recover files deleted by Kaspersky antivirus? - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Go further and select “Recover Deleted Files” option.

Recover Files Deleted Kaspersky Antivirus- Select Recover Deleted Files Option

Figure 2: Select Recover Deleted Files Option

Step 3: A list od found drives are displayed. Select the drive from where the file was deleted and click “Next” to begin scanning process.

Recover Deleted Files Kaspersky - Select Drive

Figure 3: Select Drive

Step 4: Lits of recovered files gets displayed

Restore Deleted Files Kaspersky- List of Recovered Files

Figure 4: List of Recovered Files

Step 5: Now select the required files and save it to a valid location.

Kaspersky Deleted File Recovery - Save Recovered Files

Figure 5: Save Recovery Files