How to Recover Files after Windows Crashed

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Recovery of files after Windows crashed!!!

Worried about how to recover files after Windows crashed? This question might make you worried and give you hard time to deal with, if you don’t find an answer to it. Well relax..! You have come to the right page to get a perfect answer for this irritating question and restore lost file from crashed Windows system.

Well, you can avert data disaster on Windows computer, but you can’t even just sit and relax after encountering one. Since your Windows computer may hold lot of vital data that you never want to lose unintentionally or intentionally. However, losing data due to Windows crash is counted as serious issue, as your system turns completely inaccessible and you are only shown blue screen of death.

Generally, having a good and complete backup of important files might help you to continue with your regular work and helps you to avoid issues. Unfortunately, most of the users fail to have one and need to suffer brutal data crisis after Windows crash. Nevertheless, next paragraph will discuss few factors that lead Windows to crash.

Unacceptable changes in BIOS: BIOS is very sensitive part of any Windows computer and any kind of changes made in it will have great effect. At times you may try to change default BIOS settings so as to customize your system and crash your Windows operating system by making unacceptable changes

System resource conflict: To complete any user defined task Windows operating system makes use of system resources like input / output ports, internal buses, memory resources, etc., but at times multiple tasks requesting for same system resource generates exceptions and result in Windows crash  

Efficient way to retrieve lost data from crashed Windows computer!!!

Here is an efficient and effective way to get back lost data from crashed Windows – Remo Recover. It is an incredible Windows data recovery tool that is well designed to retrieve lost files after Windows crash. Engineered with high class recovery algorithms and incorporated with smart scanning engine, software can restore inaccessible data after Windows failure, hard drive failure and other logical data calamities in few couple of minutes.  

It is measured as best tool for crashed Windows file recovery, since it is recommended by many IT and non IT professionals after accomplishing successful recovery of data from crashed Windows system. Software comes with bunch of useful features such as “Find” option, enabling which you can search files based on name, date, extension & size. In order to know more of the software features you can download the trail version of the software and get practical knowledge.

Remarkable attributes of Remo Recover.!

  • Has the caliber of bringing back lost data from all severe logical data disasters on your Windows computer
  • Designed with simple and understanding GUI to make data recovery from crashed Windows,  easy and problem free
  • Extremely fast to accomplish recovery process and save valuable system resources and time
  • Well suited with popular file systems like FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS 5 & ExFAT
  • Works exceptionally well on all versions of Windows OS

Follow these steps recover files after Windows crashed using Remo Recover: -

Step 1: Download and install Remo Recover on your Windows computer. After the installation completes, launch the software and click Recover Partitions option in the home screen. In the same screen, select the drive from which you want to recover files and click on the Scan button

How to Recover Files after Windows Crashed - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, all partitions in the selected drive are displayed. Choose a partition to recover and click Scan

Recovery of files after Windows Crashed - Choose a partition

Figure B: Choose a partition

Step 3: All files found in the partition are displayed in 2 types of views called File Type View and Data View

Crashed Windows File Recovery - File Type View

Figure C: File Type View

Step 4: Preview the files by double clicking on them and save to any desired location

Retrieve Lost Data from Crashed Windows Computer - Save Recovered Data

Figure D: Save Recovered Data