How To Fix Unresponsive Microsoft Word Document

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Are you Concerned about your Unresponsive Word Document? Read on!

"Hi folks, I am running Windows XP and Office Standard 2010 on my laptop. When I try to open any Word documents on my system an error message pops up stating "MS Word not responding". Please help me, I am not able to use Word on my PC because it always becomes unresponsive. How can I fix this issue?"

Have you come across this situation, when Word becomes unresponsive and you are sick of unexpected Microsoft Word crash and getting error messages too often? Well, this could happen due to several reasons. One major factor behind this problem is corruption of documents due to which Word files and documents are prone to damage and hence, makes the Microsoft Word not responding error.

How to fix unresponsive Word document?

Sometimes, MS Word application becomes unresponsive and you will not be able to open doc files when it's smashed and you'll lose precious information saved around the offices document. Word document could get corrupted because of the various reasons like:

  • Improper system shut down.
  • CRC errors.
  • Occurrence of error while uploading any files online.

All these circumstances causes nervous breakdown in Word file which has ended in corruption of Word document. If this is the situation then don’t be panic, since you can repair corrupted word files that is unresponsive using the most suitable unresponsive word file fixer called by the name Remo Repair Word.

Some of the other reasons to the corruption that makes unresponsive Word documents are mentioned below:

  • During reallocate of Word files: When you upload any word file from the internet and transfer to your system hard drive through any external SD card contaminated through the macro viruses, then it can result in corruption of Word document producing severe data loss.
  • Bad sectors: If your hard drive is affected by any bad sectors and several of your respective important word files are stored into it then it will results in corruption of word files leading to loss of data.
  • File system corruption: Internally, when the file system gets corrupted in your system it is likely to the corruption of most MS Word documents helping to make inaccessible bringing about loss of files.
  • Abrupt Word termination: Whilst the working process remains in progress for the Word file if you find a rapid power fluctuation, incorrect system shut down, system crash because of virus, etc. this will damage the dwelling in the file header which leads to huge data loss.
  • Transfer over the network: If any error is the place you transfer a word files over the network that will results in corruption of documents leading to word not responding error message.

Whenever you encounter such sorts of problems, Word throw not responding status and it won’t open Word file due to its corruption. Make use of Remo Repair Word tool that supports effectively to rescue your documents easily. This repair Word program performs the deep scanning technique of corrupted Word files that extracts data and generates a whole new healthy Word file. Quite sure also supports to fix unresponsive Word file on all Windows OS including the latest Windows 10, 8, 7, and previous versions.

Some of the other functions of this Remo Repair Word are mentioned below:

  • This utility can repair corrupt docx and doc files that won't open in Microsoft Word and also recover OLE objects, text, hyperlinks, etc. from your Word files.
  • Repairs unresponsive Word documents on several file system on Windows like NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, exFAT, NTFS5, etc.
  • This software has several user friendly features that repairs corrupted Word file from your system plus using their company external storage devices.
  • It effectively performs corrupted Word 2013 document repair and damaged .docx files on Win XP repair process by which it got corrupted as a result of various reasons.

Hence, this is the optimal repair wizard as you can also download the free demo version of this toolkit and evaluate the results. Once satisfied with the obtained results, you can activate the Remo Repair program to save the fixed document back into any of your preferred destination.

How to fix unresponsive Word document using Remo Repair Word:

Step 1: Download and install Remo Repair Word on your Windows computer. Launch the program and browse for the unresponsive Word file and click "Repair" button.

How To Fix Unresponsive Word Document - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Once the application starts the repairing process, you can view the repair progress through the progress screen

Unresponsive Word Document Fix - Repairing Progress

Figure B: Repair in Progress

Step 3: You can preview the fixed Word document by using "Preview File" option once the repair process gets finished.

How To Fix Unresponsive Microsoft Word - Preview Repaired File

Figure C: Preview Repaired File

Step 4: Click on "Save" option to save the repaired Word document to any desired stoarge space.

Unresponsive Microsoft Word File Repair - Save Repaired File

Figure D: Save Repaired File