Hard Drive Access Denied - How to Fix It on Windows & Mac without Losing Data?

Hard drive access denied error on Windows / Mac OS X computer hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive and SD card will be fixed without any data loss on it using Remo Recover tool. Download the free trial version and start recovering your data now!


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How to Fix Hard Drive Access Denied

Hard disk drive is one of the major component of a computer that store all types of data such as text documents, audios, pictures, videos, etc. Any problem arising in HDD could lead to inaccessibility of the data present in it. Such inaccessibility is often caused by various errors. One of the common error message that will not allow you to access the hard disk as well as files stored in it is “D:\ is not accessible. Access is denied." This kind of error message clearly indicates that the hard drive is corrupted. To get over from the situation, you can follow any of the two solutions explained below.

How to fix hard drive access denied error automatically

To fix hard drive access denied error or related issues, you have to reformat the hard drive, reinstall the operating system or repartition the hard disk in Windows disk Management. Note that don’t format the HDD because you may permanently lose access to the stored data.

Fix hard drive access denied error and restore data safely with Remo Recover

Do not get panic when “Access Denied” or “Not Available or “Not Accessible” errors occur while accessing your hard drive. Also, do not format the drive immediately, because formatting will delete all data on the hard drive. A professional hard drive recovery software from Remo will easily fix all such issues and restore data from inaccessible hard drive without affecting the original data. As the tool works in read-only mode which will keep data safe all the time. It easily retrieves data from all types of hard drives like SATA, SSD, SCSI, IDE and more. Also supports data recovery from severely corrupted, formatted, crashed and failed hard drive. In addition, the application also helps to retrieve data from inaccessible flash drive, USB drive, memory card, and other portable drives.

Tutorial to fix hard drive access denied error and restore data with Remo Recover tool

Download Remo Recover on your system by clicking on the Download Now button. Then connect the hard drive that shows Access Denied to that system and begin the data recovery process.

Step 1: As a first step, launch the software to open the main window. In the main window, select Recover Partitions option and choose the drive to recover data. Then click Scan to begin scanning the drive

Select Recover Partitions

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: After the drive is scanned, all the partitions in the drive are listed. From this list, select a partition to recover

Select a partition to recover

Figure B: Select a partition to recover

Step 3: After the selected partition is scanned, all the files within that will be listed

View Recovered Files

Figure C: View Recovered Files

Step 4: Choose the files you wish to save and save them in a desired location

Save Recovered Files

Figure D: Save Recovered Files

Supported hard drive brands: Remo Recover is an essential hard drive recovery tool that restores data from various brands of hard drive such as SanDisk, Western Digital, Transcend, Iomega, Seagate, Fujitsu, Buffalo, LaCie and more.

Let’s know some major scenarios responsible for hard drive access denied error

Virus attack is one of the common reason that can lead to the hard drive or partition access denied error. Sometimes, if hard disk contains bad sectors, then you cannon access the drive. Bad sectors are defective regions present on HDD due to aging and other logical glitches. When hard disk is accessed, the bad sectors get generated in excess number and result in access denied error. Rather than these, there are many more reasons for inaccessible hard disk such as:

  • Boot sector corruption: Boot sector is responsible for proper booting of your computer and holds vital data of hard drive including partition table. If it gets corrupted due to any unknown reasons, then it pops up access denied error which make your drive inaccessible.
  • Damaged file system: If file system of the hard drive gets damaged due to software/hardware conflicts or other reasons, then it may corrupt the drive and causes unexpected error messages.


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