CRC Failed in WinRAR File - How to Fix?

Download the free Remo RAR Repair tool to fix the CRC error while extracting RAR file. The free version of the tool fixes CRC error in three quick steps, and offers free preview of the repaired RAR file prior saving. Download, and extract the CRC failed RAR file for free!!!

RAR Repair

While handling big files, you may notice various issues among which storage problem is the most prominent. WinRAR is the best alternative that stores files by compressing them into .rar file format. Basically RAR file format is utilized for compressing bulky files into a single file that is known as RAR archive which can easily be transferred over the network. Though RAR file is a proprietary format, it may also get corrupted or damaged. The main reason behind this corruption is CRC error while extracting RAR archive.

What is CRC error?

A CRC error occur when storage media is damaged or if unwanted bits get induced to the data files then you may encounter CRC error message. As a result your computer may not perform Cyclic Redundancy Check which in turn restrict the unzipping action of the RAR file and makes the RAR archive inaccessible.

Simple technique to fix CRC error while extracting RAR file

After getting CRC error, if you try to open .rar file then the RAR might get corrupted or you may see "File open error: invalid CRC" error message. All the compressed files becomes unreadable and therefore the only way to restore your vital files is by employing Remo Repair RAR, a professional WinRAR file repair tool . It is specially designed to repair WinRAR files after CRC error in a smart way that resolve all the compression related issues in RAR archive and you can opt this utility to know how to extract broken RAR file in relatively simple way. Before knowing the RAR repair process, let us check out most common scenarios associated with WinRAR files.

Try to prevent this following factors in which CRC error can take place

There are numerous reasons in which the compressed file with WinRAR container can be inaccessible such as:

  • You may encounter errors like CRC error, read/write error or memory error while copying the RAR file.
  • Harmful virus infection are responsible for CRC error due to which .rar archive might get corrupted.
  • Presence of bad sectors in the storage disk where the compressed RAR files are stored may modify the CRC code and simply leads to inaccessibility because of CRC error.
  • Partial download of .rar archive indicate CRC error when you try to extract a RAR file.

As you suspect RAR file is corrupted due to the existence of CRC error, do not panic! Still you can retrieve healthy RAR archive with the help of Remo Repair RAR tool.

Get to know how to fix CRC error in RAR file

Remo Repair RAR is definitely the right choice to fix CRC failed in WinRAR. It has strong and powerful algorithms to repair damaged or corrupted RAR file archives without any complications. This program is safe to use; thereby read only mode doesn’t modify the original RAR file contents. Multipart RAR files having CRC error and any corruption issues can be repaired at an ease. It has the capability to fix CRC errors in password protected RAR files without any difficulty. Most importantly this application repairs large size .rar files that get corrupted while extracting and hence provide preview of the repaired file so that you can examine its efficiency before buying the full licensed version.

Technique on how to fix CRC error in RAR file using Remo Repair RAR tool:

Step 1: Install and run Remo Repair RAR on your computer and select the RAR file haning CRC error using "Browse" option.

How to Fix CRC Error in RAR File - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: You shall see repair progress screen once you hit the "Repair" button.

CRC Error While Extracting RAR File - Repair Progress

Figure 2: Repair Process

Step 3: Once the repair process is complete, preview all the rescued items.

CRC Failed in WinRAR - Preview Files

Figure 3: Preview Files

Step 4: Save files on any desired location using "Save" option.

How to Fix CRC Error in RAR Files - Save Files

Figure 4: Save Rescued Items