How to Fix Corrupted WinRAR Files?

Updated on December 11, 2019

Download the free Remo RAR Repair tool to fix WinRAR files that got corrupted after CRC errors, virus infection, incomplete download, extraction errors, and many more. Get it now and start extracting the contents of your corrupted RAR file in three quick steps.

What is RAR file and how to access it?

WinRAR with file extension .rar is the archiving of files by compression and decompression files. Any number of files and folders can be stored in a single RAR files using WinRAR tool that conveniences file storing and transferring. Transferring and storing data in .rar file format has many advantages over traditional methods, some of which are highlighted below:

  • Large number of files and folders can be compressed and saved as a single RAR file. This helps in maintaining files safely
  • Huge files such as movies and softwares can be saved on any drive conveniently as a compressed file occupies less space
  • Downloading and uploading RAR files through internet is easier as it consumes less internet data
  • File sizes varying from 20 bytes to larger than 1 TB can be effortlessly stored into a single RAR file

In order to access a .rar file, one has to install a software called WinRAR. With this tool one can create and extract RAR files easily. This is generally used to download and upload data over internet.

How does a WinRAR file get corrupted?

  • Viruses and malwares are known to corrupt RAR files easily
  • Errors in WinRAR tool can corrupt a RAR file while accessing it
  • Ending WinRAR in a wrong manner or terminating the program while it is still processing files, and closing the software during Save process
  • RAR or any other files can get corrupt in case the hard disk drive containing those files fails to hold them securely
  • Errors in online servers - receiving RAR files over faulty client server networks
  • Transferring RAR files between computers and other devices improperly can corrupt them
  • Other unpreventable damages coming from sudden power outages, system crashes, low memory, etc. can cause a RAR file to get corrupt and inaccessible
  • Simultaneously running two softwares that access same files which aren’t compatible with each other can cause data corruptions

Remo RAR Repair - Tool to Fix Corrupted WinRAR Files!

Here’s the complete guide to know how to fix corrupted WinRAR files with free Remo RAR Repair tool. Should there be any minor errors in a RAR file, WinRAR is able to fix it as it comes with in-built repair function. Also the RAR files come with RAR record file that assists in fixing minor errors. But how to fix corrupted WinRAR files if they are severely damaged? And how to repair RAR file that is irreparable by its inbuilt tool. You have to make use of a reliable third party repair tool such as Remo Repair RAR in order to perform corrupted WinRAR file fix. Remo Repair tool scans for any errors in a RAR file and efficiently performs corrupted WinRAR file repair it without losing any of its files and folders.

Key features of Remo RAR Repair Tool:

  • Can repair RAR files created with any version of WinRAR
  • Fix password protected WinRAR files
  • Repair damaged RAR files with errors like CRC errors and file size exceeding 4 GB errors effectively
  • User-friendly interface that helps you to easily fix corrupt RAR files in few simple steps

Steps to repair corrupt WinRAR files using Remo Repair RAR:

Step 1: Install and run Remo Repair RAR on your computer and select the corrupt RAR files using "Browse" option.

Repair Corrupted WinRAR Files - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: You shall see repair progress screen once you hit the "Repair" button.

Fixing Corrupted WinRAR Files - Repair Progress

Figure 2: Repair Process

Step 3: Once the repair process is complete, preview all the rescued items.

How to Repair Corrupted WinRAR File - Preview Files

Figure 3: Preview Files

Step 4: Save files on any desired location using "Save" option.

Corrupted WinRAR File Repair - Save Files

Figure 4: Save Rescued Items