How to Fix SD Card

How to Fix Corrupt SD Card??

In recent times it is observed that many SD card users are facing this problem frequently and are forced to search an answer for the question “how to fix SD card”? SD card is a small piece of semiconductor, which is capable of storing huge amount of digital data, but at times it may get corrupt, because of some logical reasons and restrict you from accessing all important data saved on it. This can be a very frustrating thing, as your data is out of your reach. This problem may grow even bigger if you don’t have the required backup of the data. Don’t worry….! As there is a saying like “Every cloud has a silver lining”, in the same way this problem too has a solution, that is use of reliable repair software.

Reasons for SD card corruption can be divided into two main categories physical and logical. However, corruption caused due to physical reasons in SD card can’t be repaired, but corruption caused because of logical reasons can be fixed easily with the aid of repair software. Hang on a minute, before proceeding with repair process, it is equally important to know other logical reasons for a Pen Drive or SD card corruption.

Reasons for Corrupted SD Card:

  • Virus Contagion: If you are regular users of computer, then you might be well familiar with the term virus and its effects. Virus infection may be a reason behind you SD card corrupt, as it makes undesirable changes to your SD card's file system thereby making it corrupt.
  • User Mistakes: Computer users are humans and humans make mistakes, many users commit technical same mistake. At times in urgency after completion or in between the data transfer process you pull out SD card without use of safe remove option, which may make your SD card inaccessible.
  • Interruption while Formatting / Reformatting: Generally, flash storage devices have FAT as its default file system. So you might feel a need to change and carry out reformatting process, but interruption during this process may result in corrupted SD card.


Preventions that need to be taken after SD card corruption:

  • STOP immediately use of SD card.
  • Do not even perform antivirus scan on the corrupted SD card.

Answer to the question “How to fix SD Card?”

Remo Recover Windows Photo Recovery is the perfect answer for this question, as it is developed to fix corrupt SD card on your Windows computer. Remo Recover carries out a deep scan of the SD card and retrieves files more then 300 and more in just a single scan. Remo Recover is read only type of software, because of which data overwriting chances are completely eliminated. You can also use Remo Recover to recover photos, audios, videos and other type of data from SD card, as it is counted as the best software to repair corrupted SD card, as well a free software to recover data from corrupted Pen Drive. Once card is repaired you can see it in file type and data type view using preview option. Download the trail version of the software and get check out more features.

Easy steps to fix SD card:

  • Install the downloaded trial version of the Remo Recover application on your Windows system.
  • Connect your SD card to system and launch the software by double clicking on its desktop icon.
  • Main Screen gets open with three different options. Choose "Recover Drives".
  • Now you are provided with two options, where you need to select "Formatted / Reformatted Partitions", in order to fix SD card.
  • After this software will display you list of drives, here you need to select SD card and click on "NEXT" button.
  • Software starts the recovery process and scan the card in few minutes.
  • Soon after completion of recovery process list of recovered files from SD card is displayed in "File Type View/ Data Type View".
  • You can have a prior look at the recovered data using "Preview" option.