Recover Permanently Deleted Files from Dropbox

How to Retrieve Deleted Files from Dropbox

Accidentally deleted a file or folder from Dropbox? Here you can learn how to retrieve deleted files from Dropbox even if it has deleted from Trash with the help of Remo Recover file recovery software.

I need help to recover permanently deleted files from Dropbox!

“Hi, I permanently deleted my Dropbox folder containing important files. I don’t have any idea about how do I recover deleted files from Dropbox? Is there any ways I can restore these files? Please help.”

Folder in Dropbox is like any other folder present on your computer hard disk. Generally the Dropbox folder or file will be saved where the OS is located. If Dropbox files are intentionally or accidentally deleted, the files synced to its cloud counterpart might also be erased. But don’t panic! It just be hidden but won’t be completely deleted. So it’s possible to perform permanent deleted file recovery from Dropbox.

Possible solutions you can try to recover deleted files from Dropbox

Dropbox holds deleted data for 30 days by default in the version history. So, you can restore any deleted folder or file in the last 30 days or longer from the Dropbox by following the below mentioned ways:

Solution 1: Procedure to undelete files from Dropbox

  • Sign in to the Dropbox website
  • Right click to the Deleted File and choose Previous Versions
  • Find the version of your file that you like to revert and click (ellipsis button)
  • Click on Restore icon

Solution 2: Recover deleted files from Dropbox with Trash

  • Click Show deleted files icon which displays all files and folders
  • Choose the deleted file or folder and hit Restore button

Safe and easy method to recover permanently deleted files from Dropbox

Remo Recover file recovery software is the only solution if the above methods cannot help you to recover permanently deleted files from Dropbox. It successfully retrieves all deleted or lost files from Dropbox with ease. Tool allows you to perform data recovery of all file types from Dropbox including images, documents, videos, archives, audios and more. After the files are recovered by this utility, you can save in any drive of your choice and later sync it back to your Dropbox account without any obstacles.

The software comes handy to recover deleted files on Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 7, XP, Vista, Windows 10, etc. formatted with different file systems like NTFS5, NTFS, FAT32, FAT16 and ExFAT. By using this utility, it is possible to recover shift deleted files and files that bypassed Recycle Bin. It helps you in recovering data from various storage devices such as hard drive, external hard drive, FireWire device, memory card and so on.

How to retrieve deleted files from Dropbox with Remo Recover software

Download free demo edition of Remo Recover file recovery software and install it to your Windows computer. Now you can learn easy steps to undelete files from Dropbox with this cost-effective tool.

Step 1: Launch Remo Recover and click on “Recover Files” icon to recover permanently deleted files from Dropbox.

Select Recover Files option

Step 2: Choose “Recover Deleted Files” option to recover deleted files from Dropbox. If the Dropbox files are lost, you need to click “Recover Lost Files” option.

Select appropriate option to get back lost or deleted Dropbox files

Step 3: Select the storage drive from where you want to undo Dropbox files and hit arrow key to start scanning the drive.

Choose your storage drive

Step 4: Once the selected drive is selected, you can view all recoverable file list by means of “File Type View” and “Data View”.

Preview list of recovered files

Step 5: Select out the files which you want to restore and click on “Save” button to save the recovered files back to your device on any desired location.

Save retrieved files