Restore DLL files accidentally deleted from Windows 8

Instantly recover accidentally deleted DLL files from any Windows running computer using the free demo edition of Remo Recover file recovery software.

How can I restore .dll files accidentally deleted from Windows 8?

Have you come across a .dll files on your Windows 8 system? DLL stands for bDynamic Link Libraryb which comprises of library functions which is accessed by Windows programs. These files helps applications to make the proper use of system resources like memory, hardware etc. Some DLL files already come along with the operating system while others are created when you launch particular applications. One DLL files can be utilized by multiple programs that are running on the Windows system. Hence, .dll files are very important for a application to run properly. Since there is no such application that opens DLL, users interpret it has junk or virus file and delete them from the system. They realize their mistake when they come across the error b***.dll file is missingb while launching the applications. B Donbt worry!! Such deleted files can be easily regained back by the method of data recovery.

Events that cause the deletion of .dll files from Windows 8 PC:

Antivirus scan: Antivirus acts a protective cover against harmful malware on your system. However, when you make use of a inefficient antivirus software, it may have the tendency to delete the infected DLL files along with the virus. So, in order to protect your Windows 8 system from virus and data loss problems, you must choose and use the best antivirus program

Accidental formatting: Formatting drive helps you to remover errors on your drive and you will be able to get rid of the harmful virus. However, if this process is used accidentally on drives having your DLL files, then will be losing all of the files. Hence, one must be careful while operating on your computers.

Emptying Recycle Bin: B Recycle Bin is the temporary location on your computer, which saves all the files that was deleted from various locations of hard disk. B When you delete a DLL file from a computer, it gets directed to the Recycle Bin folder and stores there. However, when you are intending to restore the file, sometimes you may end up using the bEmpty Recycle Binb option which removes the DLL files along with the other files. B

How can I save my .dll files from loss?

There are various ways which you can employ to protect your DLL files from loss. Initially, if you are frequent user, you must make a habit of backing up the files which you consider as important. Next, you must take the guidance of a technical expert to conduct any complex operations that leads to data loss if not performed in a right way. Last but not the least; you must make use of the efficient recovery software to safeguard your system from harmful Trojans and Worms. B

If you failed following these steps and lost your crucial DLL files then Remo Recover is here to retrieve your files back. Remo Recover is one among the best recovery tools available currently in the market. You can run this application on many latest versions of Windows, along with Windows 8. Moreover, it also supports to recover files nearly all storage devices used on your Windows 8 computer. The fast engine algorithm in this software, guides to recover deleted DLL files from Windows 8 in short span of time. This application is also available in demo version, which can be employed by users to estimate the recovery results prior to purchase.

Steps to retrieve windows 8 deleted DLL files using Remo Recover Software: -

Step 1: Install Remo Recovery software on your computer and launch the software. The main window opens, select Recover Files option and then select the drive from which you want to recover bdllb files

Deleted DLL recovery from Windows 8 - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Wait for the software to search for deleted files in the chosen drive

Retrieve Windows 8 Deleted Dll Files - Scanning progress

Figure 2: Scanning progress

Step 3: Once it lists the files, preview them and save in a location of your choice

Restore Deleted Dll Files From Windows 8 - Preview and save recovered files