How Can I Regain My Files Which I Lost Due to Virus?

If your important files are lost due to virus infection, or, if your antivirus software has removed your useful files after a scan, simply download Remo Recover tool and get all such files back quite easily.

A single click on a harmful attachment can prove to be a data disaster. Your computer can be even infected when it picks up a virus from an affected portable device. This is because when you save or open an infected file, the virus spreads and attacks the other files and causes its destruction or loss. Such malicious programs cause a huge amount of data loss from on your system. Don’t worry!! You can make use of Remo File Recovery Tool to get your files back without much effort.

How virus gets into your computer?

Email Attachment in the most common way of virus infection on computers. When you send a file through network, virus can gets attached to these files before it reaches the destination. When such harmful files are downloaded on the host systems, the virus gets replicated and spread to other files saved on it.

The other way of malware attack happens when you download unreliable applications from the internet. There is great number of freeware available on different websites. Such programs will be infecting your computer system when you install it.

Virus can also infect your computers when you connect an infected external drive into the computer. When you access such drives on your system, the malware can attack your other files and deletes it from the drives on which it is saved.

Different categories of virus:

There are different types of malware found today. Some of them are mentioned below

Boot Sector Virus:

Boot Sector is that part of your computer when you start your system. It generally indicates the computer where to load the operating system from. Boot sector are the special virus that is designed to attack and cause destructions to this part of your hard disk. As a result of this, your computer may fail to boot and data becomes inaccessible

File Virus:

These viruses generally attacks the data files saved on your storage drives. They enter your PC through network or infected external device.  Generally, such virus causes malicious behavior like deletion, renaming, file structure destruction, converting the files in shortcuts and so on.

Macro Virus:

Macro Virus is specially designed to infect the word files. When you open an infected word file, you can find a code automatically getting embedded while you are editing it. These are the typical signs of macro virus infection.

Multipartite Virus:

Such virus infects both the files and boot sectors found on your system.

Polymorphic Virus:

This defined virus has the capacity to alter its own code on different computers. This modification is done by the virus to avoid its detection by antivirus software

In the event of virus attack, you may lose a large amount of data saved on your PC. Are you wondering about how can I regain my files which I lost due to virus? Then Remo Recover is here to assist your recover files deleted by cryptolocker virus, Trojan Horse, and other deadly viruses. This software scans your entire drive within few minutes and restores all your data back. You can execute this software on all versions of Windows such as Windows 10, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 & 2008, etc. to restore files after virus infection.

It also helps in previewing the recovered file before purchasing the full version of the software. You can use this effective application to retrieve data from USB drives, memory cards, internal and external hard drives, and other storage devices. No matter what type of file you have lost, you can make use of this software to restore any type of file.

Steps to regain your files lost due to virus attack:

Step 1:Download, and install the free version of Remo Recover tool on your system. Launch the tool, and select “Recover Files” option from main screen. Then, choose the logical drive from where you want to recover files and click "Scan" button

How can I regain my files which I lost due to virus? - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, the software scans the affected drive to locate all its deleted and lost files

Recover Data after Virus - Scanning the Virus Infected Drive

Figure 2: Scanning the Virus Infected Drive to Find the Deleted Files

Step 3: Once scanning and recovery process is finished, the recovered data can be viewed in Data View, and File Type View

Restore Files after Virus - File Type View of the Recovered Files

Figure 3: File Type View

Step 4: Prior saving the recovered files, you can preview each of them by right clicking on the respective file, and chooseing the Preview option

Retrieve Files after Virus Attack - Preview Recoverable Files

Figure 4: Preview Recoverable Files

Step 5: Save the files back to the system after purchase.

File Recovery after Virus- Save Recovered Files

Figure 5: Save Recovered Files