Recover Hard Drive Data

“Yesterday when I was busy in my work on Windows system suddenly I heard some noise and some of my important folders were automatically deleted from my hard drive. I want to know the reason behind sudden clinking noise and auto delete of folders. Is there any chance for recovering data from hard drive? Please help me to come-up with an appropriate solution.”

This symptom comes under mechanical hard drive failures. Reasons for the above mentioned problem is due to occurrence of bad sectors on the hard drive, a physical impact to the drive (such as dropping the drive), or a spindle motor in hard drive that won’t rotate, or a bad power supply. This is a major problem which can lead to permanent data loss that is saved on the hard drive. If mechanical failure is not the cause for data loss on your hard disk, all data from it can be recovered.

Other major issues where user can lose data from a hard drive are as follows:

  • Accidental formatting or deleting the entire hard drive results in huge data loss.
  • MBR (Master Boot Record) is the table of content which holds information about the partition, files and folders. Any sort of corruption to MBR may lead to system crash resulting unexpected data loss.
  • Errors during re-partition of hard drive and file system conversions may also lead to data loss.
  • Using faulty third party utilities for splitting or extending or re-sizing the hard drive may cause loss of data.
  • Defragmentation failure is one of the major reasons for losing data saved on hard drive.
  • Power surge, emptying Recycle Bin, presence of bad sectors, hard drive failure could be some other reasons for hard drive data loss.

When you encounter any hard disk drive failure all your files and folders are going to be in risk. You may lose your data forever unless you perform immediate recovery. A good recovery tool can access the HDD and get back all the data from it. Remo Recover is one such advanced software which ensures recovery of files from all types of hard drive which includes IDE, SCSI, SATA, SAS, USB, FireWire etc. securely in a matter of minutes.

Why Remo Recover software?

Remo Recover is a simple, secure and fast hard drive data recovery software that is provided with a user friendly interface by the highly qualified developers’ team. In case file signatures are not found during recovery process this utility allows you to add or edit the file signatures. Save Recovery Session option is provided for user to avoid re-scanning of hard drive after purchase. The advanced features like Smart Scan, Find option, etc. have made this tool, one of the most recommended recovery tools in the market.

Excellent features of Remo Recover:

  • Assist you on how to recover data from formatted BitLocker encrypted drive such as SCSI, SATA, SAS or any other popular hard drive interface.
  • To avoid bad sectors on hard drive it creates disk images during recovery process.
  • It can locate the lost FAT and NTFS partitions with much ease.
  • Retrieve data from lost or deleted partitions and from formatted or reformatted partitions.
  • Recover data from inaccessible or non-booting hard drives.

Precautions to be taken:

  • When trouble from hard disk like clinking noise, system freeze, sudden system restart etc, occurs then do not over look these warnings.
  • Keep regular back up of important data.
  • Don’t use the hard drive after any data loss happen. By this, the chances to recover data from hard drive becomes more.

Steps for recovering data from a hard drive using Remo Recover: -

Step 1: Install and Run the Remo Recover software on your system and select “Recover Drives” option from main menu.

Hard Drive Recovery Software - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Aftr that select “Partition Recovery” option to move ahead with Recovery process.

Recover Hard Drive Data - Select Partition Recovery Option

Figure B: Select Partition Recovery Option

Step 3: Now select the Hard Drive from where you want to Recover Data and click “Next” button to start scanning process.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Software- Select Drive

Figure C: Select Western Digital External Hard Drive

Step 4: When software completes scanning process you can view list of Recovered Data in two types that are “File Type View” and “Data View”. Using "Preview" option you can get prior look of files, as illustrated in figure D.

Recover Data From Hard Drive - Recovered Data

Figure D: Recovered Data

Step 5: Finally software allows you to Save the Recovered Data to any location accessible to your host computer.

Recover Data From Hard Drive - Save Data

Figure E: Save Data