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Crashed Hard Drive Recovery

"Need quick help..! I am in horrible situation and don’t know what went wrong. I turned on my system and I was welcomed with a blue screen. I restarted my system again but same result “A blank blue screen”, without any options to click. I Googled about this problem and was shocked to know that it’s a sign of hard drive failure or crash. Unfortunately my hard drive is of 150GB and it was almost full with my important files, folders, applications and other stuff. I can’t even imagine of losing those files, but I am feeling helpless, as I don’t know much about crashed hard drive data recovery software. Please recommend me some useful tips and help me out to restore data from crash hard drive. Thanks in advance."

Disasters can take place any time as these are uncontrollable and hard to judge in advance. But you cannot simply stay calm as lots of important data is at the risk of permanent deletion from your Windows PC and that you never want to happen. Relax..! You need not be so worried, as files recovery from such situations is possible. Read out the next section for repeated scenarios which may result in OS crash.

Severe virus attack: Severe virus attack is one of the main factor which causes hard drive to crash. System may get infected with serious virus due to unsecure download or copying virus infected data may even alter or modify the structure of hard drive and lead to hard drive crash.

Creation of bad sectors: Bad sectors are those areas on the hard drive that are created due to access rubbing or read / write head, because of which data from these areas become inaccessible. However, excessive creation of bad sectors on the hard drive may result in hard drive crash.

Frequent formatting: Many of us have a bad habit of formatting hard drive frequently for small reasons. This repetitive formatting may crash the entire hard drive’s file system and make you suffer brutal data loss. Apart from this corruption in BIOS section and undesirable change in boot setting may contribute to same.

Is it possible to perform recovery of crash hard drive?

Remo Recover is a remarkable recovery software for crash hard drive with free demo version, which is perfectly designed to perform files recovery from crash hard drive, dead hard drive and hard drive with bad sectors. Software robustly scans the complete drive using its effective scanning methods and identifies files more than 300 and more using unique signature scan. Find option will assist you to search and recover files based on name, creation date, size & extension. You can even save the currently scanned session using “Save Recovery” option before upgrading the free version to registered one.

Mac OS X users can also recover data from crashed Mac hard drives.

Amazing applications of Remo Recover:

  • This smart recovery tool will help you to recover files from crashed hard drive, files drive, formatted hard drive, dead hard drive and even files recovery from hard drive with bad sectors in hardly few minutes
  • It is an award winning hard drive crash recovery software for Windows XP, 7, 8, Vista
  • Application supports crash hard drive recovery from all brands of internal and external hard drives
  • One can easily create disk Image of the hard drive using "Create Disk Image" option
  • Provides you with an earlier look of rescued data by offering preview option in the free edition of the software

Follow these steps for hard drive crash recovery using Remo Recover:

Step 1: Click the Download Now button to download Remo Recover and then complete the installation process. Launch the software to open the main screen. In the main screen, choose Recover Partitions option and select the drive to recover data. Then click Scan for the software to scan the selected drive

Hard Drive Crash Recovery Software - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Once the drive is scanned, all the available partitions are displayed. From this list, choose a partition to recover

Crashed Hard Drive Data Recovery Software - Select a partition to recover

Figure B: Select a partition to recover

Step 3: Next, all the files found in the selected partition are displayed. You can view these files in File Type View or Data View/p>

Software to Recover Crash Hard Drive - File Type View

Figure C: View Recovered Files

Step 4: As a last step, preview the recovered files and save them

Recovery Software for Crash Hard Drive - Save Recovered Files

Figure D: Save Recovered Files