GoPro Video Refuses To Open

GoPro an action camera is very popular and most used gadget for many activities such as hunting, skiing, rock-climbing, fishing and many more. This digital camera is highly durable, takes HD quality video footage, waterproof as well as shockproof protection. Using GoPro camera, any non-professional videographer can record amazing video clips. Regardless of this outstanding features, sometimes few GoPro video file won't play and you might encounter error messages indicating corruption in video file.

What can be done to repair GoPro video files?

Suppose, your GoPro videos are inaccessible and they are not playing, you cannot really predict the actual cause for unplayable videos, it can be because of any reasons that video file not opening on your Windows PC. Anyways drop your worries because you are having an amazing software for repairing GoPro videos. Remo Repair AVI is the unique program by which you can fix all your damaged videos in one shot.

Reasons behind GoPro video not opening on Windows:

Videos recorded using GoPro camcorder refuses to open usually due to corruption of video file. There are plenty of situations that many people are not aware of it. Few common factors for not playing GoPro videos are mentioned below:

  • The most common reason for GoPro video file corruption is viruses. Often, videos get infected by external threats including Trojans, virus, spyware, Malware, and adware.
  • When GoPro camera is connected to your Windows PC, sometimes unreliable anti-virus tools will accidentally alter your healthy GoPro video and causes video corruption.
  • Abrupt shutdown of Windows computer when GoPro camera is connected to it might cause video file corruption.
  • Any interruption such as power surge while transferring video footage from GoPro camcorder to Windows system, result in video loss which were being transferred.
  • After resuming power, if the videos still exist in GoPro digital camera then those video file won't play instead show some error messages when you try to open it.

However, you need to take extra care of the AVI files present in GoPro cameras, but unluckily when videos get corrupted do not panic. Though you cannot capture the same footage once again, but you can make damaged videos playable again using right GoPro video repair utility. One such optimal software is Remo Repair AVI, a perfect solution for all the GoPro video not opening. Toolkit has the ability to fix various types of video file formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, M4V, MPEG, MPG, MP4 and so on.

GoPro video repair application:

Remo Repair AVI, an award winning wizard which has been analysed and recommended by industry experts for repairing GoPro videos. This AVI repair software can immaculately fix corrupted, broken and inaccessible GoPro video file and opened the videos without any difficulty. By employing this program, you can easily repair different videos stored on any HFS/HFS+ file system based hard drives and also on different brands of digital camera, multimedia players and any portable media devices. Hence, any Windows computer users has the capability to fix damaged GoPro video footage on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.

Helpful tips:

  • Always disconnect GoPro digital camera from Windows computer before you turn off the system.
  • When there is constant power failure avoid transferring videos from GoPro camera to your system.

Steps to play GoPro video that is not opening using Remo Repair AVI tool:

Step 1: Download Remo Repair AVI application and install it on your Windows machine. Select the GoPro video file that is to be repaired using “Browse” option. Then click on “Repair” option to start the repair process.

GoPro Video Not Opening - Select GoPro Video File

Figure 1: Select GoPro Video File

Step 2: The program  starts fixing GoPro video file and the repair progress can be viewed in the progress bar as shown.

GoPro Video Won't Open - Repair Process

Figure 2: Repair Process

Step 3: Once the repairing process gets finished, you can preview the repaired GoPro video after recovery file using "Preview" option.

GoPro Video Refuses To Open - Preview GoPro File

Figure 3: Preview GoPro File

Step 4: Save the repaired GoPro video file to any storage space using "Save" option. (This step can be performed only with full version of Remo Repair AVI).

GoPro Video File Won't Play - Save GoPro Video File

Figure 4: Save GoPro Video File