How to Recover Data from SATA Hard Drive - An Ultimate Guide..!

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How to get data off SATA hard drive?

Typically, people wish to own a storage drive, which is totally free from data loss and physical damage. Unfortunately, up till now there is no device launched that is immune to physical or logical damage. Data loss is quite normal these days. Hard disk is one of the basic devices that are popularly used. However, even hard disk does not guarantee you against data loss. There are many brands of hard drive, among which SATA is one of the well known brand. Alike, other HDD even SATA hard disk can lose its files.  

Every computer you use today equips a hard disk, where you can save your data. Though hard drives are less durable, it highly prone to physical damage. Due to damage, the files saved on the SATA hard drive become inaccessible and results in huge amount of data loss. Besides, physical damage, these drives can lose its files due to logical issues like file system corruption, virus infection and so on. You need to take the aid of data recovery services in order to recover hard drive data in terms of physical damage. The chance of data recovery is very less in context to physical damage on hard drive. Nevertheless, in instances like logical corruption, you can always take the aid of specialized recovery programs. When you are opting for a recovery tool you need to opt for software that has the best recovery speed, easy usability and with less investment. One of such tool is Remo Recover. This outstanding application equips of powerful programs to scan and get files off SATA hard drive with ease.

Scenarios that lead to data loss from SATA drive:

Hard Drive Crash:  Hard disk failure is catastrophic. There are numerous reasons why a hard disk fails to operate. One among them is severe malware attack. As the virus spreads all over the hard disk, you continues to destroy the files and file system of the SATA hard disk and finally results in hard drive crash. If you have lost your files due to this factor, then take the aid of Remo Recover to recover files from SATA hard drive efficiently.

Hard disk ageing: Ageing of SATA hard disk adds up to the list of scenarios that causes loss of data from hard drives. The older the SATA gets and the more it is used, it is likely to fail. This happens because with time bad sectors set to form on the SATA HDD, which makes the files on the hard drive inaccessible. In extreme cases, it tends to cause physical damages on it.

Accidental Formatting: This is one of the most common blunders committed by users. Sometimes, while selecting and deleting a large bunch of useless files, users can may a mistake of choosing the wrong file as well. This eventually turns out to be a disaster as you tend to lose your files from SATA hard drives. In this event, you can choose Remo Recover as a ultimate tool to restore SATA hard drive.

Remo Recover is ideal recovery software which you can employ to perform data recovery from SATA hard drive. This software is designed with powerful recovery engines that can scan your entire hard disk in minutes and get data off SATA hard drive. With its simple interface, you can perform the recovery process easily and restore it back. You can download and execute this application on all popular Windows versions to recover files from SATA hard drive. It also facilitates two views to display your recovered files one is the “Data View” and the other “File Type”.

How to Recover Data from SATA Hard Drive with Remo Recover?

Step 1: Connect the SATA hard drive to your computer and download Remo Recover on that system. Then complete the installation process and launch the software. Now, you will see the main screen, in that select Recover Partitions and select the SATA hard drive form the list of drives. Next, click Scan for the scan to start

Get Files off SATA Hard Drive - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Remo will now scan the drive and list all available partitions in it. Choose a partition and then click Scan again.

Recover Files from SATA Hard Drive - Select a partition to recover

Figure B: Select a partition to recover

Step 3: After the partition is scanned, all the found files are listed. You can view these files in either File Type View or Data View

Get Data Off Sata Hard Drive - File Type View

Figure C: File Type View

Step 4: Finally, preview the recovered files and save in any desired location

Restore SATA Hard Drive- Save Recovered Data

Figure D: Save Recovered Data