Retrieve Photos from Lexar SDHC Card

Remo Recover application makes it possible and simple to do Lexar SDHC photo recovery. No technical skills or experiences are needed to restore media files from Lexar SDHC memory card. Download and start recovering your photos now!!!

Here’s the Simplest Way of Recovering Lexar SDHC Card Photos

In this article, you shall learn a simple way of performing Lexar SDHC Card recovery in order to get back all deleted or lost photos of any file format by making use of Remo Recover utility – a highly preferred memory card data recovery tool for all systems.

A SDHC card, short for Secure Digital High Capacity memory card is an improved version of the usual SD memory cards. These devices come in wide variety of data storage capacities that are ranging from 4 GB to 128 GB. Any kind of digital information can easily be saved, transferred and accessed from one system to another via a SDHC memory card. These tiny data storage devices are built to have extremely quick data transfer rates.

Lexar SDHC cards are generally used for storing digital information on Smartphones, digital cameras, tablets, USB adaptors, etc. No matter how convenient and reliable these devices are, they are equally viable of having data loss on them.  Hence, go through some of the most common causes for data deletion / loss on SDHC memory cards followed by the steps to perform Lexar SDHC card photo recovery using Remo Recover app.

Image deletion / loss scenarios on Lexar SDHC cards:

  • Virus / malware infections can cause harsh impacts to all files that are present on Lexar SDHC cards
  • Unintentional photo deletion such as accidentally deleting random image accidentally, formatting the Lexar SDHC card, formatting the Lexar SDHC memory card via a connected computer, executing Shift + Delete key combinations, etc. are some of the most noted reasons of unintentional photo deletions
  • If the file structure of the Lexar SDHC cards gets corrupted due to any actions, it may result in data deletion or loss. Anyway re-formatting the SDHC memory card should solve this problem but you have to perform Lexar SDHC memory card recovery in order to retrieve any important files from it
  • Lexar SDHC memory cards usually carry huge volumes of vital information such as photos and videos. Using it on unknown and multiple platforms frequently like on cameras, computer, phone, USB card reader and so on, may cause the SDHC card to turn corrupted

    • Executing Lexar SDHC card image recovery using Remo Recover:

      You can easily recover Lexar SDHC memory card pictures with the help of the most trusted Remo Recover software. It is a reliable media file recovery tool for all users, irrespective of the actions that caused data erasure or loss. With using Remo Recover software, one can retrieve all important Lexar SDHC memory card pictures and other items with ease via a Windows OS based computer. One can as well recover Fujifilm XD picture card contents with the help of this powerful utility. Remo Recover can also be used as Lexar CF card file recovery software, in order to get back files lost or deleted from Lexar Compact Flash card.

      Keep these things handy before initiating Lexar SDHC card photo recovery:

      • The Lexar SDHC memory card from which photos are to be restored
      • A USB card reader to insert the Lexar SDHC card in order to pair it to a PC or laptop
      • A USB connector to attach the card reader to the computer
      • Healthy running Windows OS based computer
      • Remo Recover app to be installed on that Windows computer before connecting the Lexar SDHC card

      Steps for restoring Lexar SDHC memory card pictures using Remo Recover:

      Step 1:Connect your Lexar SDHC card to a PC using card reader and select “Recover Photos” option from main screen

      Restore Lexar SDHC Photos - Main Screen

      Figure 1: Main Screen

      Step 2: On the next screen, select either “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” option to proceed with recovery process.

      Retrieve Lexar SDHC Photos - Select Suitable Option

      Figure 2: Select Suitable Option

      Step 3: Select the Lexar SDHC card drive from where you want recover files and click “Next” button to begin scanning process

      Recover Lexar SDHC Pictures - Select Drive

      Figure 3: Select Lexar SDHC Card Drive

      Step 4: Once software completes scanning process, you can view list of recovered files in any of the two types of views which are “File Type View” and “Data view”.

      Lexar SDHC Picture Recovery - List of Recovered Files

      Figure 4: List of Recovered Files

      Step 5: You can preview all media files and the save them to any preferred location on your host computer.

      Lexar SDHC Photo Recovery - Preview Recovered Media Files

      Figure 5: Preview Recovered Media Files