Retrieve Photos from Lexar SDHC Card

Stop recording videos/capturing photos on your Lexar SDHC card the moment you lost/deleted photos from it! The more you use the card, lesser will be the chances of photo recovery. No matter whether you have accidentally deleted photos or they went missing all of a sudden, here is how to recover photos from Lexar SDHC card.


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Photo Recovery from Lexar SDHC Card:

Lexar SDHC card is considered as one of the go-to cards among Lexar products. These tiny data storage devices are built to have extremely quick data transfer rates and offers high speed performance (write/read transfer speed).

Thus, any kind of digital information can easily be saved, accessed and transferred from DSLR cameras, digital cameras, tablets, etc. to computer using these Lexar SDHC cards.

No matter how convenient they are and card leverages they got, even Lexar SDHC cards are equally viable of suffering from data loss instances. The most common causes for loss/deletion of photos on Lexar SDHC cards along with a step-by-step procedure to recover accidentally deleted or lost photos from Lexar SDHC card is explained here in-detail.

Causes for Photo Deletion or Loss on Lexar SDHC Card:

  • Virus/malware infection can have a severe impact on Lexar SDHC cards, deleting some or all files present on it
  • Unintentional photo deletion such as accidentally deleting random images, formatting the Lexar SDHC card via a connected computer, camera etc. are some of the most noted reasons of accidentally deleted photos on Lexar SDHC cards
  • If the file system of the Lexar SDHC cards gets corrupted due to any reason, then the images saved on the card go missing
  • Lexar SDHC memory cards usually carry huge volumes of important information such as photos and videos. Using the same Lexar SDHC card on unknown/multiple devices like cameras, computer, phone, tablet and so on, may turn the SDHC card inaccessible
  • Handling the Lexar SDHC card in an improper way for example, removing the card abruptly while transferring photos from it, ejecting the card from the camera when it is being used etc. erases photos from it

The number goes on and you find numerous reasons for loss or deletion of photos saved on Lexar SDHC card.

We understand that! It’s a horrible experience to lose your precious pictures saved on Lexar SDHC card. But, don’t lose hopes! We are at your help. If you have lost or deleted photos from Lexar SDHC card and need to get back Lexar SDHC photos then, make sure that the card is no longer used.

It’s very simple- stop using the Lexar SDHC card until you restore photos from it. And, to recover photos from Lexar SDHC card, download and install Remo Recover software on your Windows computer.

Restore Photos from Lexar SDHC Card with Remo Recover:

You can easily recover Lexar SDHC memory card pictures with the help of the most trusted Remo Recover software. It is a reliable media file recovery tool for all users to recover files from any storage media, irrespective of the actions that caused data deletion or loss. With using Remo Recover software, one can retrieve all important Lexar SDHC memory card pictures or any other items with ease on Windows OS based computers.

One can as well recover Fujifilm XD picture card card contents with the help of this powerful utility. Remo Recover can also be used as Lexar CF card file recovery software, in order to get back files lost or deleted from Lexar Compact Flash card. Thus, data recovery from any flash memory cards, flash drives, SDHC, SDXC, UHS I etc. cards along with HDD, external hard drive, USB drive is possible with this powerful program.

How to Recover Photos from Lexar SDHC Card?

Step 1:Connect the Lexar SDHC card to a PC/laptop. Launch Remo Recover software on the system and click on the Recover Photos button.

Restore Lexar SDHC Photos - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: On the next screen, click on either Recover Deleted Photos or Recover Lost Photos button to start Lexar photo recovery process.

Retrieve Lexar SDHC Photos - Select Suitable Option

Figure 2: Select Suitable Option

Step 3: Select the Lexar SDHC card drive from where you want recover photos and click Next.

Recover Lexar SDHC Pictures - Select Drive

Figure 3: Select Lexar SDHC Card Drive

Step 4: Mark Picture as file types to recover from the Lexar SDHC card.

Lexar SDHC Picture Recovery - Select File Types

Figure 4: Select File Types

Step 5: Once the data recovery software completes scanning process, you can view list of recovered photos from the Lexar SDHC card. Select and Preview your required pictures to verify the photo recovery course.

Lexar SDHC Photo Recovery - Preview Recovered Media Files

Figure 5: Preview Recovered Media Files

Step 6: Select and Save recovered image files from the Lexar SDHC card to the computer HDD.

Lexar SDHC Photo Recovery - Save Recovered Media Files

Figure 6: Save Recovered Files

Tips to Prevent Data Loss from Memory Cards:

  • Always buy reliable memory cards
  • Often backup your memory card files to a safe storage drive
  • Make a habit of formatting cards in the camera


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