Fix PowerPoint Error 1712

In order to understand what actually an error 1712 in Microsoft PowerPoint is, some of the most common symptoms of error 1712 are posted below. Go though them before we explore the possibilities and methods to repair PowerPoint files using Remo Repair PPT software.

Some of the most common symptoms of error 1712

  • A dialog box appears stating error 1712 and each time causes the active PowerPoint application to shut down abruptly
  • Your Windows based system frequently encounters error 1712 while working on the same program, causing the system to crash
  • “Microsoft Office PowerPoint error 1712 is flashed while trying to run a .ppt document
  • The Windows PC runs listlessly and retorts slowly to the inputs of mouse and keywords
  • The Windows operating system occasionally freezes for a while and then resumes its normal functionality

These error 1712 messages can crop up anytime such as while Windows start-up / shut-down, software installations, while any Microsoft Office application such as PowerPoint is running, etc. Maintaining a record of when and where the error 1712 is displayed can be vital piece of information for countering the error. However, if the problem is due to a PowerPoint file corruption or if your PPT files are corrupted due to this error, you will have to make use of Remo Repair PPT app in order to fix the PowerPoint file.

Causes for error 1712 to appear on a Windows based computer:

There can be many reasons for error 1712 to appear on your Windows based computer, causing harm to the computer and as well as o the stored PowerPoint files. Some of the most obvious ones are briefed below:

  • Improper download or incorrect installation of the Microsoft Office PowerPoint software on your computer may give rise to problems such as error 1712 which may in turn cause PPT files to get corrupt
  • Corruption or damage in the Windows file registry due to recent changes to Microsoft Office PowerPoint such as install / uninstall or due to other critical errors can cause this error to appear
  • Viruses or other malware infections that have corrupted system files or any PPT related files on your Windows computer can cause error 1712 to appear which can in turn cause PPT file corruption
  • Other third party tools that try or have the permission to access PPT files can also cause those files to get corrupted or damaged
  • PowerPoint files can get corrupt due to improper handling of the PPT files such as improper file transfer, incorrect download, etc. Other errors may include improper system shutdowns while accessing PPT files, virus infections, etc. can cause PPT files to get corrupt or damaged

Using Remo Repair PPT to fix PowerPoint file related issues:

Remo Repair PPT is the professional application to fix almost all kinds of errors including error 1712 in PowerPoint files that cause them to get corrupt or inaccessible. This well-trusted software is used by professionals as well as home users worldwide to perform PPT file repair due to error 1712 reliably. Once the PPT files are successfully fixed, you will be able to access all of its contents such as activities, pictures, text and all other data. There are many other benefitting features of this powerful PowerPoint repair application which makes this a best choice for resolving all PowerPoint file related errors.



Steps for resolving error 1712 in PowerPoint using Remo Repair PPT:

1. Download, install and run Remo Repair PPT on your computer. Browse the corrupt PPT files and click on "Repair" option.

Repairing PowerPoint Error 1712 - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

2. Wait for the software to fix corrupted PowerPoint file.

Fixing PowerPoint Error 1712 - Repair Progress

Figure 2: Repair Progress

3. Once the repair process is complete, view the fixed PPT files using "Preview File" option.

PowerPoint Error 1712 Fix - Preview Window

Figure 3: Preview File

4. Use "Save" option in order to save the repaired PowerPoint files on any drive.

PowerPoint Error 1712 Repair - Save Screen

Figure 4: Save Files