Fix OST File Error Outlook 2013

Simple Ways to Repair OST File Error Outlook 2013

If your Microsoft Outlook 2013 OST / PST file is not accessible or is suspected to be damaged or corrupted, without any further due make use of Remo Repair PST to reliably get the files fixed within few minutes. Jump to the bottom of the page to find the download button and detailed steps to operate the software. If you are not convinced yet or are looking for more info regarding this issue, continue reading this page to know more about Remo Repair PST and it capabilities. Also learn some of the most likely factors that can cause Outlook 2013 OST file to get corrupt or damaged.

An Offline Storage Table or simply OST is a Microsoft Office Outlook file that enables you to access all of Outlook even if you are not linked to the internet server. You can send / read mails, create / edit tasks, write notes, journals, etc. even if you get disconnected with the internet. All the changes will be applied once the Microsoft Outlook regains access to internet. OST files are particularly helpful in places when you are working on a Laptop while travelling and in other situations.

Some exceptional features of Remo Repair PST application are:

Remo Repair PST is a proficient tool developed for addressing all kinds of errors on both Outlook PST as well as OST files. It is a tool that is largely recommended by professional Microsoft Outlook users. It has a very simple and powerful user interface that enables basic home users to operate this tool with ease.

  • Apart from performing Outlook 2013 OST error fix, this tool can help you repair Outlook 2013 PST files that are corrupted or broken
  • You can make use of this tool when you are not able to see any of the contents of the OST files due to errors such as upgrading Microsoft Office Outlook program, etc.
  • Problems in power while accessing the OST files can result in file corruptions. Similarly, reasons such as unexpected closure of the program, sudden system crashes while Outlook is open, and other errors can be resolved using Remo Repair PST
  • PST and OST files that are corrupted due to virus / malware infections can effortlessly be resolved using this powerful Outlook 2013 repair tool
  • Other critical issues that may include corruption in database, faulty Office Outlook program, errors in server networks while handling Outlook 2013 and other issues are effectively resolvable using this software
  • Remo Repair PST tool works seamlessly irrespective of the Windows operating system version and regardless of Microsoft Office Outlook version

Here are some scenarios that can cause errors in Outlook 2013 OST files:

  • The storage volume fails to keep the Outlook 2013 OST files securely and causes them to get corrupted or lost which will in turn cause the Outlook files to turn inaccessible
  • While trying to relocate Outlook 2013 OST files from one storage device to another improperly can cause the OST files to get corrupted
  • An Outlook 2013 OST file can easily get corrupted if it gets infected with viruses or malwares or while performing scheduled virus cleanups
  • Abruptly terminating the Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 application while accessing OST files in it can sometimes cause file corruptions

Steps to fix errors in Outlook 2013 OST files using Remo Repair PST:

Step 1: : Install and run Remo Repair PST on your Windows computer and browse for the corrupted OST file from main screen and hit "Next".

Fixing OST File Error Outlook 2013 - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select appropriate repair option and proceed with the OST repair process.

Repairing OST File Error Outlook 2013 - Select Action

Figure 2: Select Option

Step 3: Select the drive where you wish to store the repaired OST file and click on “Next” to begin scanning process.

OST File Error Outlook 2013 Fix - Select Destination

Figure 3: Select Drive

Step 4: Once scanning process is finished, you can view the repaired OST files along with other contents.

OST File Error Outlook 2013 Repair - Preview

Figure 4: Preview Window