Fix Corrupted PST File Outlook 2010

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Repairing Corrupt PST File Outlook 2010 File

To begin with, Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 brings loads of new features such as Expanded ribbon, more space for account managing and handling messages, faster and better file processing, enhanced calendar & other features and other performance improvements. The newly added features make Outlook 2010 account managing a lot easier. However, the actions that cause data corruption in Outlook PST files remain more or less the same. Below are a few scenarios mentioned that are likely to corrupt Outlook files. Have a look at them before proceeding to fix corrupted PST file Outlook 2010.

Actions or errors that are likely to corrupt an Outlook PST file

Hardware specific errors:

  • The hard disk drive fails to store the Outlook data safely
  • Fault with the online networks while downloading PST files over a internet network with errors in domains, routers, servers, etc.
  • Bad sectors on the drive that holds the PST files
  • Any physical damage to the hard disk containing the PST files can corrupt all data that is stored on it
  • Power abruptions while accessing the PST files

Software or program related errors:

  • While trying to move the PST improperly from one location to another for any reason
  • A PST file can easily get corrupted by a virus or malware infection or while performing routine virus cleanup
  • Recovering a deleted PST file using any unreliable third party recovery software
  • A weak or damaged application trying to access PST files can cause corruptions in those files
  • Terminating the Microsoft Outlook 2010 abruptly while accessing it
  • While performing compressing and decompressing tasks with PST files incorrectly can corrupt them
  • There are other unknown reasons due to which, the PST files get inaccessible all of a sudden

Fix corrupted PST file Outlook 2010:

In order to address the above mentioned scenarios and to fix corrupted PST file Outlook 2010, Microsoft has introduced a Detect and Repair call the Inbox Repair Tool Scanpst.exe that comes along as a feature with all newer versions of Microsoft Outlook, but many users are not aware of how to run scanpst.exe in Outlook. This built-in functionality, when enabled, scans for minor issues and corruptions in the Outlook PST files and tries to fix them. Note that this in-built feature has limitations and cannot fix severely corrupted and inaccessible Outlook PST files. You have to make use of a reliable and powerful Microsoft PST repair tool Outlook 2010 such as Remo Repair PST in order to repair corrupted PST file Outlook 2010.

Repair corrupt Outlook 2010 PST file using Remo Repair PST tool:

You can easily and effortlessly fix corrupt Outlook 2010 PST file with Remo PST Repair Tool. This tool helps you in recovering all emails, contacts, tasks, to-do lists, journals, calendar entries, notes and all other PST files in the exact same way as they were prior to data corruption. Other features of this tool that help you to perform corrupt Outlook 2010 PST file fix efficiently are: you can repair all versions Microsoft Outlook PST and / or OST files using this tool, easily repair PST files that could not be resolved using the Outlook’s in-built repair tool and the like. To know more features, just visit the main page of Remo Repair.

Repair corrupt Outlook 2010 PST files using Remo Repair PST:

Step 1: : Install and run Remo Repair PST on your Windows computer and browse for the corrupted PST file from main screen and hit "Next".

Repair Corrupted PST File Outlook 2010 - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select appropriate repair option and proceed with the PST repair process.

Repair Corrupt Outlook 2010 PST File - Select Action

Figure 2: Select Option

Step 3: Select the drive where you wish to store the repaired PST file and click on “Next” to begin scanning process.

Fix Corrupt Outlook 2010 PST File - Select Destination

Figure 3: Select Drive

Step 4: Once scanning process is finished, you can view the repaired PST files along with other contents.

Corrupt Outlook 2010 PST File Fix - Preview

Figure 4: Preview Window