How to repair corrupt PowerPoint files?

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PowerPoint is slide-show presentation program that basically runs on Windows operating systems and Mac OS X that is invented by Microsoft. PowerPoint provides its users with various functionalities related to slide show presentations and ease-of-access in projector presentations. More than 95% of software presentation work is estimated to be carried out using the Microsoft PowerPoint software. With one billion and increasing computer installations, it is the ultimate Slideshow Presentation tool available today.

Evidently, the PowerPoint files that carry presentation work are of much importance to its users. Handling and maintaining those files safely is quite a task.

Brief introducttion of PPT File:

It is the default file format that is used to store the PowerPoint related work. Any PowerPoint document or file is stored on the computer in this format (.ppt) by default.

What happens when your PowerPoint documents refuse to open or your stored PPT files get damaged? What could be the reason causing this error? Read on to know all about these topics and learn what actions to be taken to in order to encounter PPT file corruption and how to fix corrupt PPT files.

How does a PPT file get corrupt?

The general reasons for your .ppt files to get corrupt are

Software related errors:

  • The most notorious one is a Virus or a malware attack.
  • Bugs in the program or malfunctioning software.
  • Compressing and / or decompressing the PPT files using any third party tools.
  • Terminating the PowerPoint application abruptly while accessing the PPT files, or force-closing the application while the on-going Save process.


Hardware related errors:

  • The .ppt files could get corrupt if the hard drive holding those files fails to save them securely.
  • Errors in networking device – downloading the PPT files over faulty client networks.
  • Faulty .ppt file transfers between any memory drives.
  • Other incidents that may include sudden power outages and so on.


Under these circumstances, the PPT files get corrupt and turn inaccessible to the users.

Manual method to fix a corrupt PPT (.ppt) file

  • Restore the PPT file from the backup that you might have maintained in case of a data loss situation.
  • If there be no backup created for the PPT files, then you can migrate the data from the damaged PPT file into a new PPT file with the help of Data Migration tool.
  • If this fails to help, try locating the TMP files that are stored on your system and try to restore the corrupt PPT file. If this doesn’t help either, then you have to fix damaged PPT files using a trusted PPT repair tool like Remo Repair.


Remo Repair is the ultimate PowerPoint repair tool to fix corrupt PPT files

Remo PowerPoint File Repair is the official and most the reliable tool to perform PPT file repair. Its smart and powerful repair algorithm scans and repairs your damaged PPT files with utmost accuracy with ease. Remo Repair tool is easy to use as you can instantly fix corrupt PPT files with ease without any professional help, thanks to its simple user interface. All you have to do is click on the Download icon and download Remo Repair and follow the on-screen procedure to repair all your PPT files in few simple steps.

Tips to maintain your PowerPoint file safe and secure:

  • Keep your Antivirus tool updated. The Antivirus tool protects your computer all kinds of malwares and viruses.
  • Make sure there are no power interruptions while handling PPT files.
  • Prevent improper terminations of the program.
  • Keep your system clean from unwanted programs as they can collide with other programs installed on your computer and cause errors.





Steps to fix PPT files using Remo Repair:

Step 1: Download Remo Repair by clicking in the Download icon and install it on your computer. Run the application and follow the on-screen steps to fix the corrupt PPT files instantly.

Fix Corrupt PPT File - Main Screen

Step 2: Wait until the file is being repaired.

Fixing Corrupt PPT File - Progress Screen

Step 3: Preview the fixed PPT files and its contents using the Preview option.

Repair Corrupt PPT File - Preview Screen

Step 4: Purchase the full version to complete the save process.

Repairing Corrupt PPT File - Saving Screen