How to Fix Corrupt MOV Header?

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Fixing Corrupt MOV Header

MOV is the official multimedia video file type designed and developed by Apple Inc. to store multimedia files like movies, captured videos and other video files. Its basic format is endowed with a number of tracks that contains the specific type of data like video, music (audio), text (subtitles), etc. The tracks are stored in a particular file system called Atoms. The MOV (with file extension .mov) files are designed to be accessible from Mac OS X, Windows OS, as well as from Android platforms.

MOV file format is one of the most famous and reliable multimedia file formats, but still there are often situations where the MOV files turn inaccessible or unable to play. Some of the common type of errors faced while accessing MOV files are mentioned.

Symptoms indicating the MOV file are corrupt:

  • The audio of the MOV file plays well there is no video output or it shows a plain green screen.
  • The audio video of the MOV file is not in sync. Meaning the audio plays first and the video follows or vice – versa.
  • The MOV file freezes all of a sudden while playing.


Nevertheless, there is no error that can’t be fixed. Fix corrupt MOV header and all similar errors and MOV file corruptions by making use of the right repair tool.

General remedy to avoid corruptions or fix corrupt MOV files in Windows OS:

  • Look for file condition prior to downloading the MOV files from the internet. It is not uncommon for a MOV file to have MOV header issues or to be incomplete.
  • Modifying or converting MOV files improperly can render the MOV file corrupt and unable to play on your Windows or Mac OS.
  • A Virus or a Malware attack can easily be the reason to spoil a healthy MOV file and make it corrupt.
  • Interruptions while transferring the MOV from one drive to another like power abruptions or termination of the program can cause damage to the MOV file.
  • The MOV file can get corrupt while overcoming from data loss scenario by performing recovery session using any third party recovery tool.


How to Fix Corrupt MOV Header?

Remo Repair MOV is the ultimate tool to fix corrupt MOV header and all inaccessible MOV files. Remo Repair scans for any errors in the MOV files, Headers and other errors and fixes it efficiently in a way that you won’t be able to tell if that file was ever corrupt after seeing the results! Use the free version of Remo Repair now to instantly fix all of your favorite MOV file collections that are corrupt or have any errors.

Step 1: Download, and Install Remo Repair on your Windows system and launch the tool. Browse the damaged MOV file location and click on "Repair".

Repair Corrupt MOV Header - Main Screen

Step 2: The repair process is intiated and the process may take a while to complete.

Fix Corrupt MOV Header - Progress

Step 3: Finally, preview the fixed file

Repairing Corrupt MOV Header - Preview

Step 4: Save it to any secure location.

Fixing Corrupt MOV Header - Save File