Fixing Broken AVI on Windows 8

About AVI Files:

An AVI file, short for Audio Video Interleave, is basically a file format used for saving sound and video data onto that file. AVI files (with file extension of .avi) are capable of handling both audio and video data in a synchronising manner. It is one of the most popular video file formats extensively used for recording and saving movies, video clips and the like.

AVI file format may definitely is an efficient video file format but unfortunately, similar to most stuffs that are stored on hard drive, AVI files too are vulnerable to becoming damaged and broken on certain occasions. And once they turn corrupt, it becomes impossible to view its contents, as it won’t be able to play properly. But the good thing about it is there is still an effective way of fixing corrupt AVI files without having to get any kind of technical or professional assistance.

Fixing corrupt or broken AVI files in Windows 8:

When you come to know that your AVI files are not playing as expected or are not accessible at all, most people tend to automatically assume that the file is gone forever and it is not of any use. So, they basically end up just moving those files to the Recycling Bin folder. Users hardly know that this is not the only option left to be done with the corrupt AVI files, and they can be repaired using appropriate video repair tools such as Remo Repair AVI. Read on to know what should be done in order to make those inaccessible files playable again.

Using Remo Repair AVI for repairing corrupt / broken AVI files:

The easiest and one of the most reliable way of fixing any kind / size of AVI files that are broken or corrupt in Windows 8, irrespective of the fact that those files have being created using any video software such as fix AVI file VLC, or the ones that have been downloaded over the Internet, is by making use of a powerful video repair software called Remo Repair AVI.

This software is specifically designed to resolve almost all sorts of issues in AVI files and free it from issues such as file corruption and damage to make it playable again. The powerful algorithm of this video repair program is meticulously designed in such a way that it can detect any issues or even minor inconsistencies in AVI and resolves them in an effective manner, consuming minimal time and resources. By making use of this proficient software, one can expect all these kinds of general errors in AVI files to be repaired with ease:

  • AVI file is completely inaccessible: It may sometimes happen that the AVI video file will not play no matter whatever video player you make use of. It may be due to codec or any other serious issues with the video file
  • Sound playing but no movie or vice versa: This is a common indication of a corrupt AVI video file which users generally face, and this matter too is associated with video codecs
  • Audio and video data is out of sync with each other: In this case, the movie data from the concerned AVI file either plays before or after its corresponding audio data. This may be due to an improperly prepared video file

Steps to fix broken AVI files in Windows 8 using Remo Repair AVI:

Step 1: Download, install and run Remo Repair AVI on your Windows 8 computer. Select the broken AVI  file that is to be repaired using “Browse” option.

Fixing Broken AVI on Windows 8 - Select Video File

Figure 1: Select AVI File

Step 2: Click on “Repair” option to start the repair process. The software starts repairing the video file and the it can be viewed in the progress bar.

Broken AVI File Repair on Windows 8 - Repair Process

Figure 2: Repair Process

Step 3: , Preview the repaired AVI video file using "Preview" option on completion of the repair session.

Repairing Broken AVI on Windows 8 - Preview Video File

Figure 3: Preview Video File

Step 4: Save the repaired video file to any secure location on your computer using "Save" option.

Resolve Broken AVI on Windows 8 - Save Repaired Video File

Figure 4: Save Repaired Video File