Performing AVI Error Fix - The Pro Way!

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By going through this page, you shall be concisely learning about AVI video files, various types of errors generally found in improper or broken AVI files and factors that are accountable for such problems to arise. And above all, get to know an effective and reliable way to fix AVI errors defined in a simple way.

About AVI files:

AVI is an acronym for Audio Video Interleave which is an audio and video data container file format developed by Microsoft Corporation along Windows operating system software. Its file extension is .avi and it can be opened on Windows OS, Mac OS X as well as Android operating systems with the help of appropriate media players. These files are basically designed to contain both movie as well as its sound data which performs synchronous audio video playback when that movie is run.

Causes for various errors to arise in AVI videos:

Any serious errors or inconsistencies in AVI files could result in corruption in those contents, meaning they won’t be able to play normally until those errors are fixed. This could be the effect of any unknown or known reasons. Let us glance through some generally noticed causes for video file corruption / damage:

  • File download / transfer errors: Downloading the video files over buggy client server or downloading the items that are already damaged. Likewise, moving the AVI video files from one computer to any other storage device using Cut - Paste options improperly can make the AVI file corrupt or unplayable
  • Using unreliable third party tools: Trying to forcefully open or modify the AVI file using unbranded software programs can cause errors in the file as you have to play or modify the video files using default software apps only
  • Virus / malware impacts: If the storage device where videos and other files are kept is infected with viruses or various other malicious programs, it is possible that all files on that location will get affected and harmed by it, resulting in inconsistencies and file damages
  • Other common factors for file corruption: Compressing and decompressing the AVI files wrongly, round tripping, transferring the files via third party tools, converting .avi files to another media file format, etc. are some lesser known actions that can harm the video files

Common symptoms that are observed in corrupt AVI files:

  • The .avi video file is inaccessible using most media players or the movie plays strangely
  • The fast forward or rewind option during the movie playback is disabled or you are not able to use the time slider on the media player
  • The video playback of the AVI file seems to be pixelated or sticky
  • The audio and video streaming is out of sync

Fixing all errors in AVI video files in a pro yet simple way:

Whatever may be the kind and cause of errors that are noticed in AVI files, all of them can be fixed and the video can be played normally with the usage of Remo Repair AVI software. It is a powerful AVI video repair utility that is globally employed for resolving almost all sorts of known or unknown problems in AVI files on all Windows operating system based computers.

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Steps to repair AVI errors using Remo Repair AVI tool:

Step 1: Run Remo Repair AVI on your Windows PC and select the buggy AVI  file using “Browse” option.

AVI Error Repair - Select Video File

Figure 1: Select AVI File

Step 2: Click on “Repair” option to start the repair process. The software starts repairing the video file and the process it can be viewed in the progress bar.

Fix AVI Index Error - Repair Process

Figure 2: Repair Process

Step 3: , Preview the fixed AVI video file using "Preview" option on completion of the repair session.

Fix Error AVI File - Preview Video File

Figure 3: Preview Video File

Step 4: Save the repaired video file to any secure location on your computer using "Save" option.

Fix AVI Errors - Save Repaired Video File

Figure 4: Save Repaired Video File