How to Get Files Back after System Recovery?

Recovering lost files after system restore is now at your finger tips. Download the free Remo Data Recovery Software to recover the files lost after performing system restore.

Recovering Files After System Restore:

How to get files back after system recovery has haunted many Windows users. When OS is damaged, user will restore their PC's and recover it with system backup images. After system restore function, all the data saved on disk C will be deleted by Windows Operating System. However, a system backup can quickly solve the problem but modified and new files stored on hard disk partition after backup would lose. Actually, file recovery after system restore is recoverable as long as computer user make use of some proper data recovery application, for instance, Remo Recover wizard.

Why lost file is recoverable after system restore?

On Windows system, data stored on disk is managed by partition. After system recovery, all the partitions will be restored to the way when it is backed up and only the address pointers are removed from the directory structure but file is still on the disk. When system is restored and you realize that some data is lost, just be cool and stop using the computer to hamper overwriting of data into system partition. Find an appropriate recovery tool for recovering lost files after system restore. By employing Remo Recover utility, all the previous data, files can be scanned thoroughly and retrieved.

Tips: When you lose data after system restore, please do not save any new data onto the disk and it will be more effective if you stop using the hard disk.

Reasons for file loss after System Restore

  • Incorrect operation: During system recovery process, you may unintentionally select all the drives and format it. Hence, complete data wipes out. You may also lose files, when you omit some steps without understanding the instructions correctly.
  • No backup: Sometimes, user save files on desktop without any backup copy. After system is restored, the OS deletes entire data on the disk and hence lose their files.

There are plenty of reasons for file loss in the process of system restore including virus attack, the internal fault of HDD, incompatibility issues of system. Data loss is inevitable, despite you take many preventive measures. Good thing to know is, you can get back all your missing files with the aid of Remo Recover software.

Amazing attributes of Remo Recover application:

  • Remo Recover software is built with the advanced scanning engine which perform quick recovery of data even after system restore.
  • Using this wizard, it is very easy to retrieve data from missing, deleted or inaccessible partitions.
  • Recovers data which are lost during formatting hard disk, even after Windows re-installation.
  • Built-in algorithms of this tool is helpful in scanning and restoring more than 300 files such as digital media, ZIP folders, documents, spreadsheets, email archives, etc., which are lost after system restore.
  • It is non-destructive and write protected toolkit which bypass bad sectors by creating disk images and later performs data recovery.
  • Get back erased data from formatted or deleted RAID levels like RAID0, RAID1 and RAID 5.
  • Performs Windows data recovery from crashed hard drive.
  • If files are bypassed Recycle Bin then Remo Recover tool will help you to restore.
  • Supports recovery of data from SATA/SCSI/IDE hard drives, memory cards, external USB drives, etc.
  • It also supports to recover data from partitions / drives having file system such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, etc.
  • Provides trial version of the software, in order to give a clear picture about how this application is going to work before you purchase.
  • Facility to view the files which are lost after system restore on Windows system by using “Data View” and "File Type View" option.
  • To prevent re-scanning of the drive, user can use "Save Recovery Session" to resume the recovery process any time.
  • Provide facility to save recovered data on internal and external storage devices.

Steps to recover files after system restore:

Step1: Install and run Remo Recover on your computer to recover files after system restore. In the home scree, select Recover Partitions option and select the drive from which you want to restore files. Then click Scan for the scanning process to begin

 File Recovery After System Restore - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step2: In the subsequent step, select the partition to recover and click Scan

How to Recover Files After a System Recovery - Choose a partition

Figure B: Choose a partition

Step3: A list of all available files are displayed; you can either view these files in File Type View or Data View

 How to Getfiles Back After System Recovery - View Recovered Files

Figure C: View Recovered Files

Step4: Now, preview the files for free using the free Preview feature and save them to any suitable location

File Recovery after System Restore - Save Recovered Files

Figure D: Save Recovered Files