How to Recover Files after Repartitioning a Hard Drive?

Updated on March 30, 2022

Hard drive repartitioning may be required at any time, but doing it without technical skills may result in data loss. In such cases, make use of powerful data recovery software like Remo Recover. It is a self-explanatory tool with a simple user interface that makes repartitioned recovery from a hard drive easy. This tool ensures data recovery even from the most complicated data loss scenarios. Download the tool now and start recovering files from the repartitioned hard drive.

Usually, hard drive repartition is done to maximize the system performance or to optimize the partition arrangement. For example, the partition for work files is too large, system partition is running out of space, longing for dual boot system or excessive/insufficient numbers of partitions, etc.

However, in many instances, uncertain complications might arise while repartitioning a drive and result in data loss. For example, interruptions or simple mistakes while repartitioning a hard drive. Which might sound simple, but those complications might delete your significant files.

Is it Possible to Recover Data from a Repartitioned Hard Drive?

Yes, it is possible to recover data from a repartitioned hard drive. When you repartitioned the drive, the data still resides on the drive until it is not overwritten with the new data. By making use of a powerful hard drive recovery tool like Remo Recover, you can easily restore files lost after repartitioning a drive.
The Remo Recover will securely recover partitions lost due to partitioning errors from NTFS 5, NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, and many more. This tool recovers file from repartitioned hard drives of type SSD, SATA, SCSI, and many more. Additionally, this software comes in handy while recovering files from corrupted or RAW partitions. This tool is compatible with all the Windows versions like Windows 11, 10, 8, and earlier versions.

Steps to Recover Data from Repartitioned Hard Drive using Remo Recover

1. Download and install Remo Recover on your Windows computer and connect your HDD to it.

2. Select the drive from which you want to recover data.

3. From the main screen click on the Scan option to begin the scanning process.

Scanning The Drive

Note: Once the Quick Scan completes it directly starts the Deep Scan. You can now navigate to the Lost Partition folder. Now you can also click on the Preview option to verify the recovery results.

Select The Desired Folder

4. Finally, click on the Recover option to save the recovered files to the desired location.

Tips to Avoid Data Loss on Repartitioning Hard Drive in Future

  • Always take a backup of important data, before you partition/ re-partition the hard drive.
  • Avoid using unreliable third-party tools for partitioning or re-partitioning the drive.
  • Avoid any interruptions while repartitioning the drive, this might result in permanent data loss.
  • Avoid accidentally deletion of data while trying to repartition it.