How to Recover FAT 32 Files ?

Need to Know How to Recover FAT 32 Files?

Congrats…! You have landed on the right page to get an answer for the loss of important FAT files. FAT is a file system, which is one of the oldest and most-used file systems by various devices. FAT has versions like FAT 12, FAT 16 and FAT 32, among which FAT 32 is the upgraded one. Even today storage mediums like pen drives, memory cards, SD cards and other store drives have FAT 32 as default file system. FAT-32 file-system can support hard disks up to 2 terabytes in size. It supports Windows and Mac operating systems. Unfortunately, in spite all it's efficient features, it is observed that data is lost, due to various reasons and land you in situations where you desperately wish to recover. Losing files from FAT 32 drives can be a very painful thing and can disturb your ongoing work too. However, this problem certainly creates some panic.

Real time scenario under which you may loss Files from FAT 32:

Consider, this scenario wherein you try to change or upgrade your drive’s FAT 32 file system to FAT 32. Before performing this task, you save copy of files from your logical drives and initiate reformatting process. But you miss out to take the backup of files that you recently downloaded, which are saved in “Download” folder. After completion of this process, it is obvious that you lose those files. You try out system restore on your Windows computer, but fail to retrieve those files from FAT 32 file system. The situation may be worsen, if lost data is related to your ongoing project. This makes recovery of files from FAT32 compulsory to resume your work. However, apart from this there are various other causes such as, deleting files from FAT 32 unintentionally, losing files due to reformatting errors, accidental formatting of your FAT 32 partition, operating system crash, virus contagion etc.

Precaution to avert data loss from FAT 32:

  • While upgrading FAT-32 file-system of flash card, external drive or drive of your system, make sure the backup is taken and well examined. As after converting FAT-32 to NTFS, the data would be completely erased.
  • Perform antivirus scan at regular interval of time peroid to protect your data from virus contagion.
  • Use power backup like UPS to avoid sudden termination of system.
  • Avoid use and installation of unsecure tool on you system.

Find the solution here!

Relax..! No need to get panic, as you can recover FAT 32 files in just minutes using Remo FAT file recovery software. Yes…! It is an advanced FAT file recovery software, which will help you to restore FAT 32 files and folders on Windows computer.

Forget all your worries regarding data loss, as Remo Recover is here to provide solution for data loss problems. You can effectively recover deleted files from FAT32 employing Remo Recover on your Windows Vista, XP, 7 and the metro-stylled Windows 8 operating system. Software is power packed with smart recovery modules using which, it can restore FAT 32 files from severe data loss crisis. You can even make use of this software to recover files and folders from other file-systems like NFTS, ExFAT, NTFS 5, etc.

What More Can Remo Recover Do..?

  • Software is capable of restoring files from deleted and lost FAT 32 partitions.
  • It scans whole drive to locate and recover deleted, missing and lost data from FAT 32 formatted external drives.
  • Remo FAT 32 data recovery tool comes with user friendly GUI, giving users new experience.
  • Possible to recover documents, photos, videos and other files from FAT 32 devices, in a few simple clicks of mouse.
  • Recovered data from various file-systems can be saved to desired location of your choice on computer or into CD / DVD.

Steps that need to be followed for performing file recovery from FAT 32:

Step 1: Install the downloaded trial version of Remo Recover on your Windows computer and launch it to open its main screen. Now choose "Recover Files" option as illustrated in figure 1.

How to Recover FAT 32 Files - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: On scanning software will show a list of partitions. You need to select FAT 32 partition, as illustrated in figure 3.

How to Recover FAT 32 Files - Select FAT 32 Partition

Figure 2: Select FAT 32 Partition

Step 3: A list of files from the selected FAT 32 partition is displayed after recovery process, as illustrated in figure 4.

How to Recover FAT 32 Files - Recovered FAT 32 Files

Figure 3: Recovered FAT 32 Files

Step 4: Lastly you can save the recovery session to avoid re-scanning of the drive by clicking "Save" on Save Recovery Session option.

How to Recover FAT 32 Files - Save Recovery Session

Figure 4: Save Recovery Session