Recover Data from Dead External Hard Disk

Don’t be panic if your external hard disk is dead or become inaccessible. Follow these guidelines to repair a dead portable drive without losing any data. Don’t lose hope even if you can’t fix the drive since an easy way to recover data from a dead external hard drive is also given here.


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Restore Data from Dead External Hard Disk

“I have an external hard disk of 1 TB storage capacity. It contains nearly 600 GB of my data including the collection of movies, songs, and pictures. It also has my entire system backup. Evidently, the hard disk is very important for me. Now the problem is I am unable to access any of its data. I did not make any change to it and the disk was working absolutely fine until recently; all of a sudden it stopped working. It seems the hard drive is dead. I don’t have any idea what to do now”.

Are you facing similar problems with your external hard disk? Relax! Here, you will find effective methods to fix a dead external hard drive and to recover files from it with ease.

Quick-Check: Connect the dead external drive via new USB port or to a new computer. Verify whether you can access it.

Caution: Check whether the dead external drive is damaged logically or physically. If the drive is physically damaged, then please take it to a repair center and get it fixed.

If the drive is physically fine, then follow below-mentioned methods to repair a dead external hard drive.

Method 1. Use Disk Management Tool

  • Go to Control Panel, select Administration then, Computer Administration
  • Switch to Storage and click on Disk Management
  • Find the dead portable hard disk and right click on it
  • Choose Change Drive Letter and Path
  • Assign a letter (new letter that doesn't present in your computer)
  • Mark its partition as Active and hit OK
  • Restart your computer

Method 2. Uninstall Drivers

  • Go to Start menu, type devmgmt.msc and click Enter
  • Open Device Manager and unlock Universal Serial Bus controllers
  • Locate the device showing as unrecognized
  • If found it, go to drivers tab and uninstall the driver
  • Reboot the system

Method 3. Reinstall USB controller

  • Reach Device Manager using above method
  • Expand Universal Serial Bus controllers
  • Right-click on USB Root Hub
  • Select Properties
  • Choose Power Management
  • Disable Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power option
  • Repeat this for each USB Root Hub
  • Restart the computer

Restore Data from Dead External Hard Disk:

If you are still unable to access the data even after fixing the dead portable hard drive, then use Remo Recover to perform data recovery from dead external hard disk. Remo Recover is a powerful data recovery utility that will help you get data back from dead hard drive whether it is external disk and internal HDD. It creates an image file of the unmounting drive that Windows OS is not able to detect due to file system damage or any other reasons and recovers entire data from that drive. You can even rescue data from a dead external hard disk having Bad Sectors using Remo Recover tool.

So, Here Are the Simple Steps to Restore Data from Dead External Hard Disk:

Install Remo Recover on a working computer and connect the dead external hard disk to it.

Step 1: Run Remo Recover and select Recover Drives option from the main screen.

Retrieve Data From Dead External Hard Disk - Main Screen

Figure A: Select Recover Drives Option

Step 2: Select Formatted/Reformatted Recovery to go begin data recovery from dead external hard disk.

Recover Data From Dead External Hard Disk - Select Desired Option

Figure B: Select Formatted/Reformatted Recovery Option

Step 3: Now select the dead external hard disk from the list and click Next.

Restore Data From Dead External Hard Disk - Select Drive

Figure C: Select Dead External Drive

Step 4: The list of recovered files will be displayed in File Type View or Data View.

Rescue Data From Dead External Hard Disk - Recovered Data

Figure D: Recovered Data

Step 5: Save the required files on any desired location (except dead external drive) using Save option.

Dead External Hard Disk Data Recovery - Save Recoverable Data

Figure E: Save Recoverable Data

Note: Intense heat, water, physical impact, dust, etc. are the serious threats to your hard disk as these factors cause physical damage to the drive. So make sure you take appropriate preventive measures in order to keep the hard disk drive safe.


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