Resolved - CRC Failed in the Encrypted 7ZIP File

Fix CRC failed error in the encrypted 7Zip file using the free Remo ZIP Repair tool. Download the tool and preview the repaired ZIP file for free prior activating the license of the software. Download, and try now for free!!!

How to Repair CRC Failed in the Encrypted File 7-Zip?

"I downloaded a large sized ZIP file from the Internet and to protect from external threats I encrypted the file, but when I tried to extract it using 7-Zip application it displayed a CRC error message and I am not able to extract the file. Can anyone suggest me some tool to resolve the issue and also say why it happened? So that I can avoid in future."

Why you get CRC errors?

CRC stands for cyclic redundancy check. A CRC error is encounter when some data in your .zip or .zipx file is damaged. 7-Zip program calculates a CRC value and store it in the Zip archive whenever you add a file to a Zip file. Later, when you extract the Zip file, 7-Zip calculates the CRC value of the extracted file and compare the value with the stored value when the file was zipped. If the two values does not match then 7-Zip will show a CRC error. It might not be possible to access the Zip files correctly, if the data in a Zip file is damaged. The damaged data can affect the complete Zip file, one file or multiple files.

Some familiar reasons for these error occurrences:

  • Virus infection: When the 7-ZIP file compressor is affected with virus infection, you may get such error messages. Once the Windows system gets affected by dreadful viruses or any other external threats then all the files including Zip archive might get corrupt.
  • Improper download: You are presented with error messages when you try to open an incomplete downloaded Zip file, this may be due to transfer error while downloading a .zip file from the net.
  • Less space: When you are extracting ZIP archives to a disk drive that is not having enough memory space on your computer, it may leads to corruption of Zip file and make it unresponsive.
  • Unreliable compression tool: If there are any problems with 7-Zip compression software then you may come across the above errors when you try to unzip the compressed file.

There might be various reasons behind CRC failed in the encrypted file 7Zip like corruption in Zip file due to presence of bad sectors on the drive, file extension errors, creating incomplete multipart Zip file due to interruptions and so on. Anyhow, in all these situations, you can make use of Remo Repair ZIP tool free demo edition to know 7 Zip CRC failed in encrypted file how to fix without affecting its original contents.

Solution to fix CRC failed in the encrypted file 7Zip - Remo Repair ZIP:

To successfully extract data from corrupt 7z files just make use of Remo Repair RAR. The powerful in-built scanning algorithms of this tool extensively scans the entire Zip file and fix the corrupt .zip file to recover inaccessible data from the Zip archive. It instantly resolves all the errors encountered while extracting the 7-Zip archive. The software gives the preview after repairing encrypted Zip file before its extraction. It comes with demo version by which you can know the effectiveness of the program and analyse its features before buying the actual product.

Steps to fix CRC failed in the encrypted 7ZIP file:

Step 1: : To fix CRC error in the encrypted file, install and run Remo Repair Zip tool on your laptop/PC and select the infected Zip files using "Browse".

CRC Failed in the Encrypted File 7ZIP - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: You shall see this screen after you hit the "Repair" button.

CRC Failed in the Encrypted File 7ZIP Repair - File Repair

Figure 2: Repair Process

Step 3: Once the repair task gets over, preview all the repaired Zip files using the preview window.

7 ZIP CRC Failed in Encrypted File Repair - Recovered Files

Figure 3: Preview Files

Step 4: Save the repaired file on any desired location using "Save" option.

7 ZIP CRC Failed in Encrypted File How To Fix - Save Files

Figure 4: Save Repaired Zip Files