Recover Files from Crashed Laptop Hard Drive

Use this software to recover data from crashed hard disk drive of a laptop with ease

Hard drive crash could be caused by a logical or software failure in the drive. The worst thing when laptop HDD crashes is that you will lose all data that you have stored on your drive. No matter how good your laptop is, it can crash anytime due to reasons such as damaged boot sector, severe virus infection, presence of excessive bad sectors on your disk, software malfunction and so on. Regardless of the reasons, Remo Recover will help you to recover files from laptop hard drive after crash in just a few clicks.

About Remo Recover software:

Remo Recover offers simple solution to retrieve files from crashed laptop hard drive. This tool is simple to use and provides step-by-step instructions to execute crashed laptop hard drive recovery. If in case, crashed laptop disk contains bad sectors, software thoroughly scans your drive with the help of in-built algorithms by skipping these bad sectors and create disk images which is the exact replica of your HDD and later recovers the data from it.

This tool provides an option to select a specific file type, as there are huge files saved on a laptop hard drive. It supports crashed laptop hard drive recovery from all types of interfaces like SSD, ATA, SATA, IDE, PATA, SCSI, etc. Remo Recover program will recover files from crashed laptop hard drive having file system such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT.

How to use Remo Recover program?

Remo Recover has a simple GUI which provides step wise instructions to execute this crashed laptop hard drive recovery. First, download the tool and install it on your computer on which you have attached the crashed HDD as a slave. Once you have launch the utility, you will get a main window with three options, among them you need to choose "Recover Partitions" option from the Home screen. Then, choose the crashed laptop hard disk from the list of available logical and physical disk drives in the system, and hit "Scan" button. Now, the software scans the disk to find all it's previous and currently present partitions. Once scanning is completed, it displays all the found partitions with their file systems. Now, choose the required partition that you want to recover and hit "Scan" button to start the recovery process. Upon the completion of scanning and recovery process, a list of recovered files are displayed in "Data View", and "File Type View". Before yous ave these recovered files, it allows you to preview each of them, for this just right-click on the file and choose Preview option. Once you are satisfied with the recovery results of the tool, activate the complete license key and save the recovered files at the location of your choice.

Other useful features of Remo Recover toolkit:

  • Simple to get back files from RAID partitions such as RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, etc.
  • Restore data from deleted, formatted, re-formatted, re-partitioned drives at an ease.
  • Compatible to run on different models of hard drive like Kingston, Western Digital, Transcend, Seagate and many more in order to restore missing data.
  • Irrespective of drive size, this program will recover data from failure of hard disk.
  • This utility helps in recovering data from external storage devices including memory cards, flash drives, FireWire, USB, digital cameras, etc.
  • Allows user to sort the recovered data based on its name, type, size and date of creation.