Quick Method to Recover Canon Camera Data

Remo Recover - Professional Canon Camera Recovery tool to restore deleted, lost, corrupted, and formatted photos & videos from all Canon model cameras with ease. Download the free version of the tool and preview the recovered files for free before saving the files. Try now!!!


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Photos and videos from a Canon camera’s memory cards can get deleted or lost on various occasions such as:

  • Unintentional file deletion – erasing files accidentally using delete button or from a computer
  • Formatting the SD card accidentally or due to any reasons
  • Other scenarios include intentional data deletions – there are some occasions where you may have to erase data from a memory card such as when the device is malfunctioning or corrupted
  • The contents from that memory is affected with virus and malwares
  • The Canon device’s data goes missing due incorrect usage, etc.
  • The memory card is not of a standard quality and it was not able to withstand the pressure on it. Under such situations, the memory card might get damaged and you may lose all files that were stored on the Canon camera’s storage device

Now let’s get to know how to perform Canon data recovery for deleted or missing photos / videos. When the camera device faces data deletion due to any reason, there are good chances that the erased files still reside on that memory card but it becomes invisible to the camera device and to any computer. In order to perform Canon data recovery, you will need any good third party data recovery application. Widely recommended and effective data recovery software that is utilized to perform Canon data recovery is Remo Recover application for all Windows OS based computers, with which any user can effectively retrieve Canon data which is deleted or lost due to any unintentional actions.

Remo Recover - Professional Canon Camera Data Recovery Tool:

Download Remo Recover software on any Windows operating system by clicking on the Download button below and install it on the Windows computer. Once the software is installed, directly connect the Canon camera to the computer or you can as well make use of a card reader device in order to connect the memory card to the computer using USB port. If you’re directly connecting the Canon camera, make sure that the camera is charged sufficiently which is enough to last until restoring Canon data task is conveniently finished. Then just follow the below mentioned detailed photo recovery steps with the respective screen-shots to recover Canon data in just a few simple steps. Before proceeding with recovering deleted and lost photos & videos from Canon, here are a few useful tricks which may help you to save data securely on a Canon camera.

Tips to avoid data loss from Canon Camera:

  • Keep the Canon camera’s memory device free from viruses and malwares and also free from virus infected devices
  • Handle with care: Memory devices can easily get damaged if they are handled incorrectly or by rough-handling it
  • Keep the Canon camera’s battery sufficiently charged before using it. If you capture photos and videos when the battery out of charge, there are chances for the camera to cause data loss on its storage medium
  • Frequently using the memory device on multiple platforms such as cameras, Smartphones, card readers and so on, can result in data corruptions or deletions

Steps to recover data from a Canon Camera using Remo Recover:

Connect the canon camera memory card to your computer, and follow the instructions to recover data from Canon camera -

Step 1: Download, install and run Remo Recover software on your Windows computer. Select "Recover Photos" option from the main screen. Now, the software displays the list of all the available drives (including the external drives connected to the system). Choose the memory card from the list of drives,a nd hit "Scan" button to continue with the recovery process

Restore Canon Data - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Now the software starts scanning the memory card, and this process takes some time to complete the scanning. Wait for the tool to complete scanning, and upon the completion of scanning, a list of recovered files are displayed in "Data View", and "File Type View"

Canon Data Restore - Recovered Data View

Figure B: Recovered Data View

Step 3: Before saving the recovered files, the software allows you to preview all the recovered files with its "Preview" option just to convince you that all files from camera card are recovered

Recover Canon Data - Preview Recovered Files

Figure C: Preview Recovered Files

Step 4: Now, if you are happy with the recovery results, then buy the complete version of the software and save the recovered files.

Retrieve Canon Data - Save recovered files

Figure D: Save Recovered Files